Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Prachi, Sid and Shahana go. Sid tells Prachi that Ranbir is in trouble because of her behaviour. Prachi says she will take him to a point where he has to tell us the truth. Ranbir calls Prachi. Shahana feels sorry for Ranbir. Prachi says it must be done. Shahana says she is not helpless and goes. Prachi says Shahana feels pain whenever I say anything to Ranbir. Sid says even I am running and he runs. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says Sid ran away when I said he looks cute, he says I don’t know what will happen after marriage. Ranbir says you complimented Sid? Prachi says yes. Ranbir asks if Sid has anything to get a compliment. Aryan says Sid’s smile is good, his eyes sparkle when he smiles, his skin tone is good and his hair is long so he can create any style. Ranbir asks him to go and kiss Sid. He gets irritated. Prachi says my Sid is so good so people will give complement. Ranbir asks why are you happy when you get engaged. Prachi says she is happy and holds his hands and thanks him for convincing her and says I owe it to you. He asks how she looks? Ranbir asks why is she happy? Prachi asks him to remember that he convinced her for this engagement and marriage. Ranbir says it hurts. Prachi asks if he is jealous. Ranbir asks Aryan to understand her. Aryan Goes. Prachi says there is something on your face and touches his cheeks. Ranbir closes his eyes. Prachi says nothing, it could be light shadow. She then says the decoration fell and says she has to fix it, she asks where is the stool? Ranbir says you are an expert so you will fix everything.

Aaliya tells Rhea to see Dadi and Wendy, says Lets Go. Rhea recalls Wendy Telling Against Dida. Wendy says we’ll find out. Rhea asks what you think about yourself. Wendy asks what? Aaliya says you are being smart, she asks her to stay away from Rhea and not use mind. Wendy says I really don’t understand. Aaliya says I understand everything you are doing. Dida asks what is bad behavior? Aaliya says when your boyfriend doesn’t know how to treat people. She says she told Rhea that you want to mix something in Rhea’s Drink. Dida says I want to do it but I can’t. She says I want Prachi to stay here. Aaliya threatens Wendy. Wendy says now I have figured out why Rhea is out of manners and says I won’t hear you but you will hear us. He threatens Aaliya. Vikram comes there. Wendy acts and blesses Aaliya. He says he is blessing Aaliya today.

Aaliya says blessings my foot. He says I can’t stand here. Wendy says you won’t be here long. Aaliya says you will not be here. Aaliya And Rhea Leave. Wendy says Prachi will stay here and says Ranbir and Prachi’s Jodi are amazing and the rest are trash. Ranbir asks Prachi to fix everything. Prachi says she will fix everything. Ranbir thinks what am I doing, I convinced her for marriage and now I am asking her against her. Prachi says Can’t You Tell That You Can’t See Me With Someone Else. She says If I Am Just Doning You Get Jealous and says If You Don’t Tell Now Then You Don’t Know What I Will Do. Ranbir asks what? He says you will fall. Prachi falls on the stool and asks how is she looking? Ranbir says very wrong. Prachi says I am not asking with whom. Ranbir says she looks very beautiful. Prachi asks Shahana what is she doing? Shahana says she is looking for you. Rhea comes there with Pallavi. Wendy asks Sid what is he going to do? Sid says he has to do something. She says that today her mom is very happy and says that if her cheeks hurt due to excessive smiling, then it means that she is overwhelmed with happiness. He announces Pallavi’s dance. Pallavi is dancing. Vikram joins her and dances.

Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and leads her to dance. Prachi says she is not interested in talking to him. He holds her hand and says he wants to dance with her. They are dancing. He asks why you ran since you got ready. He says you prepared me and says when you prepare you are happy. He says today is my engagement day. Ranbir says you look bad. Prachi says you are jealous. Ranbir says Why will I be jealous of you? Everyone applauds. Prachi acts angry and goes. Ranbir goes after her. Dida tells Wendy that Prachi is doing something. Shahana says Prachi is going right. Dida says it means engagement? Shahana signs that it won’t happen. Dida and Wendy are happy. Dida Hugs Shahana. Aaliya hears them.

Introduction: Prachi slaps Rhea and blames her for her bad actions and says it happened because of her conspiracy and cheap conspiracy because of her, Sid had to lie that Ranbir’s child is from him. Ranbir looks at Rhea.


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