Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya / Abhi, Abhigya, Kumkum Bhagya 29 August 2022 Written, Kumkum Bhagya 29 August 2022 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya Today Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya Today Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Lady Kidnapper Aiming Gun On Dust. He says he can kill her but they will get the money for the body and not the dead body. He says he is angry and spitting. She sprays them to drug them. The kidnapper says you would have done this before and says the two girls have already escaped. The lady’s kidnapper asks them to go and catch them. She asks them to take the girls. Ranbir tells Shahana that he felt he saw the pace. Shahana is driving the car and hits the girl while talking to Ranbir. He gets down and says sorry to the girl. Ranbir Gets Down and asks Shahana if you asked about Prachi. Shahana says maybe she doesn’t know about Prachi, she cries. Ranbir asks the girl if she knows about his wife Prachi. Shahana says I know you are scared already. The girl says its good that he asked and says I know where Prachi is.

The kidnapper of the lady says that everyone is under the influence, like they are drunk. The kidnapper calls the guy and says you wanted to help us cross the border. A guy says no girl is beautiful. The kidnapper says I didn’t send the photo of the beautiful girl. He sends a photo and the guy says she’s beautiful, bring her. The lady kidnapper goes to the girls. Prachi is drunk because of the spray along with other girls and scares the kidnapper lady. He says I’m bad. The other girl asks the lady captor to play with her. Prachi plays with the lady kidnapper and says sorry. The lady’s captor says she was hit. Prachi Says Sorry And Then Takes Out Her Slipper To Beat Her. That’s where the Lady Kidnapper goes. Prachi Sits With The Girl And Tells That This Is Not Her House As Her Sister Shahana And Husband Ranbir Is Not Here. The girl asks if she is married. Prachi says yes and shows her mangalsutra. She says my husband Ranbir is very handsome and laughs.

Shahana and Ranbir come to the place. Some of the kidnappers are about to leave to give money to the man helping them cross the border. Ranbir is still drunk. The kidnappers leave. The other kidnappers who are there hear the noise but don’t see anyone. He thinks to go inside and drink tea. Shahana asks Ranbir to get up. They come inside the Place. Shahana says this is a racket to catch girls and sell. Ranbir says where is Prachi? He Takes A Drink And Drinks Again. Shahana tries to stop him. Ranbir says now watch me save Prachi. Calling Her Name. Prachi says Baklu’s voice and calls him. Ranbir says to Prachi. Prachi comes to him. Ranbir Hugs Her And Says Hi Chikchiki. The girl asks who is he? Prachi says he is my handsome husband. Ranbir says he is also a liar lover husband. He says he likes it when Prachi gets jealous. Prachi Says You Are Funny And Cries, Says She Miss Him. Shahana comes there and asks them to come there first. Kidnappers will come there. Prachi Says He Is That Bad Guy Who Brought Me Here. The kidnapper asks if he will take him to PS and says his name is Ashok. Ranbir laughs and asks him to make sweet paan and leave Shahana. Ranbir Says My Name Is Handsome Husband. The kidnapper threatens to kill him. Ranbir takes wine bottle and says I will kill you. The lady kidnapper says you will die. The kidnapper starts a countdown and asks him to end the drama. Ranbir spits on his face and runs with Prachi and Shahana when more goons come and catch them again. Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana and the captive girls fight the kidnappers.

The kidnapper points a gun at Shahana. Prachi says game over. Ranbir Says Sorry And Begs Them To Take Their Arms. She says Bye Shahana, Prachi and I will go. The kidnapper of the lady says that he will lock them in the room because they do not understand what is going on. Prachi asks Ranbir to come as they call them. Ranbir says he enjoyed fighting. Lady Kidnapper locks Ranbir and Prachi in a room and locks them.

The kidnapper asks Shahana to sit down. Shahana says she will not leave them. She warns them. Goon tied her hands and threatened to kill her. Shahana asks: Are you going to kill me? The kidnapper threatens to cut Ranbir and Prachi’s tongue. The kidnapper tells the other kidnappers not to give them water. The girl tells Shahana that Prachi tried to run away after asking for water. The kidnapper asks the girl why she is not drunk. The girl says she drinks a lot. He tells Shahana that he thinks Prachi is beautiful and will keep her safe. Shahana is worried about Prachi and Ranbir. Lady’s kidnapper brings water and gives it to Ranbir. Ranbir asks Prachi to drink water. Prachi drops the water bottle and cries, saying he left her. Ranbir says you left me with your things. Prachi says Yes I remember. She cries and says you wanted to leave me. Prachi cries and says you married Rhea. Ranbir asks her not to cry and says he won’t let her cry.

Introduction: Sid tells Vikram that the DNA report and everything was fake and it’s all Rhea and Aaliya’s game. Prachi tells Ranbir that she will never leave him and therefore has a condition that he has to marry her for that.


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