Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Prachi asks girls who are they? The girl says they kidnapped us and will sell us. Prachi says it can’t happen. The girl says she heard them say they will sell us once we cross the border. He says then no one can search us and we will be sold. Another girl says everyone knows why girls are sold. He asks how are you here? Prachi Says that she is married to Ranbir Kohli and her husband betrayed her. Shahana sprinkles water on Ranbir. Ranbir asks what are you doing here, I want to sleep. Shahana says you are not in bedroom and asks him to get out of the car. Ranbir is still drunk. Shahana says Prachi is kidnapped, some people kidnapped her and she left the house to go away from you but someone kidnapped her and took her in tempo. Ranbir asks what is the pace number. Shahana remembers and tells him. Ranbir calls the number and asks where are you? He says I will not leave the pace. Shahana sits on the driver’s seat and asks Ranbir to sit. Ranbir Sitting In Car. Shahana leaves.

The Goons open the truck door and ask the girls to come down. The Goon tells Prachi that girls come here and only their dead bodies leave. He threatens to cut them to pieces and asks another goon to tie their hands. Goon tells Prachi that she is beautiful among others and says that there is definitely something in her. Prachi tells him that she won’t sit quietly and her husband won’t sit quietly and if he comes here your family can’t identify you. The Goon says you are showing attitude even now and asks another Goon to tape everyone’s mouth. He takes a picture of Prachi and tapes her mouth. The Goons take down all the girls including Prachi. He asks Goon to blindfold all the girls because they won’t know the location. He tells the girl Soumya that he tricked her to catch her otherwise she wouldn’t have been caught. He says you will get a good lover. They take girls on the spot.

Rhea is drinking. Aaliya asks what are you doing? Rhea says she is celebrating. Aaliya says whose idea was it to use Sid’s sister. Rhea appreciates her idea and says your idea was great, you used your mind and I was saved from jail. She thanks her. Aaliya asks her not to anoint her. Rhea says if I don’t flatter you then how will I eat you? He says I took the bottle and then you came. He says he will leave Sid and free his sister. He says so much money is being spent on his sister. Aaliya says you are Kohli’s Bahu. He says Sid could tell anyone once his sister is freed. He says he won’t leave them.

Shahana asks Ranbir how much he loves Prachi. Ranbir says as much. He asks how much. Ranbir says Prachi couldn’t understand, how will you understand then. Shahana asks which direction to go, left or right. Ranbir says How do I know? Shahana asks him to feel which direction she went. He says he hears something and asks her to get down from the car. He says someone is there. Ranbir asks the drunk if he saw the girl pacing. The drunk says no. Shahana says one girl is kidnapped in tempo and asks Did you see any girl? Ranbir shows Prachi’s picture. The drunkard says he is Lakshmi. Ranbir says she is mine. Shahana says she left. The drunkard says he will beg and that the begging industry has grown to 500 million. Ranbir is surprised. The drunkard asks him to send Lakshmi for Darshan. Ranbir says I will send her to this address. Shahana asks Ranbir to sit in the car. Ranbir sits again and says Lets Search Prachi. Shahana says Where to go? Ranbir says Prachi went left and asks Don’t You Trust Me. Shahana says I have to trust you. The Goons Make All The Girls Seed In The Godown. Prachi asks where did you bring us? Goon asks them to sit quietly and threatens to show them the gun saying he will use it. He asks if they understood. Prachi says yes. The goons talk about sending the girls to the location. The Goon calls another Goon as his younger brother and says that they will make a lot of money this time. He says Saree Girl is top notch and we will earn a good film. The other Goon says all the girls on one side and that Saree Clad Girl on the other side.

Prachi coughs and says she has a serious illness and may die from coughing. He asks Goon to bring water. Goon brings a rope and ties Prachi’s legs. He says I will bring water. Prachi slides and moves to pick up a piece of glass. She Cuts The Rope And Frees Her Hands And Feet. She is about to escape, and then returns to free the other girls. He asks them to come. They escape when The Goon returns and alerts the other goons.

Ranbir tells Shahana that Prachi is close to him. Shahana says you are heartbroken Prachi, she came to ask if you trust her. Ranbir asks what did I say? Shahana says Don’t open my mouth and scolds him for not supporting her. Prachi asks the girls to escape through the window. The two girls manage to escape. Before the third girl could run, Lady Goon comes there and stops the girl. She then points the gun at Prachi.

Introduction: Shahana tells the girl that she wouldn’t have asked when she saw her in trouble, but he asked. The girl says it is good that he (Ranbir) asked him and says she knows where Prachi is. Shahana Is In The Goons Place. Another girl tells her that goons keep a beautiful girl loving. Ranbir meets Prachi there. Prachi asks Didn’t you want to see me cry? Ranbir says I hate it and won’t let her cry.


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