Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Shahana reads the letter left by Prachi for Ranbir. She reads, Prachi Says Ranbir, You Used To Say That I Taught You Love, But Even I Have Learned From You That Love Don’t Bend Down Or Don’t Die. It says you said you loved me and even I thought so your love won’t be less in life’s ups and downs but it seems you never loved me if you loved me then you would believe me like i would believe you He writes that he needs no answer because everything is over, love, trust and hope. He says I will leave from here, take care. She writes her name as Prachi. She says she wanted to write like your Prachi but…. Shahana has tears in her eyes.

Prachi goes by Ranbir’s car and her Pallu falls on her face but she is unconscious. Prachi runs And falls On The Mine. Ranbir doesn’t see her. The truck comes and goes the other way. A guy comes to Prachi and asks if she is okay? Prachi wipes her tears. Shahana thinks what did you do Prachi, you went alone at night and thinks she will take Aryan’s help. As she goes, she drops Prachi’s letter and falls near the bed. Rhea collides with Shahana and scolds her. Shahana asks her to stay within limits and says she is not Prachi. He says if I was at Prachi’s Place then I would have killed you. Rhea asks her to go and wipe her so called sister tears and calls her useless. Shahana says that Prachi left home as she could not bear the accusations. He says you asked Sid to lie. Rhea says Sid is Prachi’s friend and will agree with my statements, she says she feels super powerful. Shahana says she will see her later and goes. Rhea is happy and says Prachi is gone, I am finally gone. She says her pregnancy good news is fake but other good news is real, I won.

Guy asks Prachi to drink water. Prachi says no, I m fine. The guy asks if you want to call someone. Prachi says I am fine and asks him to go. The guy offers to help her and asks if she fought with her husband. He comes to Prachi and asks her to tell him about the address. He asks if people in Delhi like it. Prachi asks him to go. Another guy comes there and kidnaps Prachi with him. Ranbir opens his eyes and falls unconscious again. The kidnapping is happening right before his eyes.

Rhea comes to Prachi’s Room and calls her. She says she is finally gone. He falls on the bed and feels good. She Says Illness And Trouble’s Gives Peace And Says It Is Amazing. She says this house and Ranbir is mine. She selects his photo and says whenever I try to come near you that inauspicious Prachi used to walk between us. He will stay in this room and also have food and romance. She says she feels so much in love with him. He says I know you are angry with me but it is all Prachi’s inauspicious mistake. He says if she was there, I would have been your first love and first wife. He says I will give you all happiness, you will be loyal to me and you will love me. She thinks that she will move her room in this room and she thinks that if the husband is mine then the room is also mine. She thinks she will take off Prachi’s clothes and keep her clothes. She says Yuck Seeing Her Sarees. Aaliya comes there and asks what are you doing? Rhea says I am moving her things. Aaliya says she is still at home. Rhea Says Shahana Told That She Has Left and Says She Will Move Her Stuff And Will Make Her Control Shift And Delete. Aaliya laughs and says good idea. Shahana comes from the house and calls Prachi. Goons take Prachi. Prachi hears her voice. The Goons Threaten To Kill Ji And Shahana Also If She Makes Any Sound. They take her to the Temple. Shahana sees Ranbir in the car and tries to wake him up. He thinks he is drunk and says We don’t drink but men do. He tries to tell him that Prachi is missing but she is unconscious. Shahana thinks what to do, should I look for Prachi or treat him? Prachi Will try to Push The Goon. Another Goon comes from the pace and covers a large bag on his head.

Sid comes to Dida and says that he hurt the family a lot but he was helpless in his heart. He says it may be God’s choice. Shahana sees the goons taking the woman in the car. Prachi screams for help. Shahana thinks it is a girl’s voice. Then she thinks it is Prachi’s voice as Prachi tells her. Shahana Finds Her Bracelet And Thinks She Was Prachi. He runs after the truck and falls.

Dida takes Sid and throws him. Vikram asks what happened? Dida asks him not to come back to this house again. He says blood never changes. Vikram asks why are you saying this? Dida says that if someone scratches old wounds, then it hurts. She says she had two sons Vikram and Vikrant and says Vikram respects her and Vikrant humiliated her and she can’t go back to the village. She says you are characterless like your father and said about my Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi says its not Sid’s fault only. Dida asks her not to say that and says it is about Ranbir. Rhea Says Mistake Is Of Prachi, Ranbir clearly told her that Sid likes her and she should have stayed away from him but she met him secretly. Dida asks her not to say anything. Sid tells Dida that he is not making excuses and says that Prachi has not done anything wrong. Aaliya says you want to indirectly say you love Prachi. Vikram says we will talk about this matter when the matter calms down. He asks Sid to go to his room and rest. Dida says I asked him to leave. Vikram says we will talk later, you are angry now. He Hugs Her And Says You Are Repeating The Same Mistake, Which Happened With Ranbir. Dida doubts her upbringing. Vikram says there is nothing like that. The girls take Prachi’s cloth off her head at a pace. Prachi asks who are you all? The girls say they were kidnapped. The girl says her boyfriend kidnapped her. Another girl says they will sell us. Prachi is shocked.

Precap: The Goon tells Prachi that everyone comes here but only their dead body leaves. Aaliya says our work is done but there is so much left to do. The Goon tells Prachi that she is beautiful among all and asks her to smile, clicks her picture.


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