Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Rhea praises Sid for making a lie the truth in front of the family and says he agrees. He says there is conviction in his lie. She says no one believed me when I said Prachi’s child is from Sid, but they believed you. Sid says they love and trust me. Aaliya says Correction and says they loved you but now everyone will hate you. Rhea and Aaliya laugh, making fun of him. They say Poor. Sid says you took everything from me, I want to leave here and die. Rhea acts and says Don’t talk about death, you don’t deserve to die and says such people are needed in this world. He says I might need you in the future. Aaliya says he is weak in heart, he might fall in love with you. She tells Sid that she will leave his sister soon, just as Ranbir accepts Rhea. Rhea says stepsister. She says My dear Side, we are taking good care of your sister and threatens to strangle him. Sid says you can blackmail me and get Ranbir but you will never get him. He says you’re a bad housefly. Rhea slaps him and threatens to kill his sister if he misbehaves with her. Aaliya calls him Paplu and says Pray that Ranbir accepts Rhea then only you can meet your sister. He says it was fun. They’re laughing.

Ranbir comes to the bar thinking about Prachi and Sid. He remembers Sid’s words and breaks the glass. Shahana thinks where is Ranbir, don’t leave Prachi alone. She thinks she would kill Rhea and her Buji if she could. She Overhears Aaliya And Rhea Laughing. Aaliya asks Rhea not to talk to Paplu like this and says he was your husband once. He says he came in handy. Rhea says yes he was good and says he was called for Prachi but he came for me. She says he married me in Bangalore and fulfilled the relationship here. Aaliya says here she fulfills the relationship. They are laughing madly. Shahana hears them. Sid pleads in front of them to let him go and says I did your job. Shahana is shocked and the vase falls down and touches her hand. Rhea says someone is outside. Aaliya asks Ji to go outside and check. They come to check. Shahana hides and thinks she will tell both Prachi and Ranbir. He says Save me from these witches. Sid comes out of the room and goes. Aaliya and Rhea ask him to stop. Rhea says our discussion is not over yet. Aaliya says you can’t go until we ask you. They hold his hand and take him inside. Shahana keeps the vase back and goes.

Rhea asks Do you love your sister or not? Sid says I love her but there is no one for you. Aaliya says who is talking, who came to save us. Aaliya asks him to listen to her carefully and says you did what we asked you and says you will do what we ask you. Rhea says if you don’t do or say anything about us then I will kill your sister. She Hurts Sid And Asks Him To Go And Rest. He says I love you and laughs. Sid goes.

Shahana thinks she will tell Prachi and Ranbir and says that they did it to damage Prachi’s respect. Ranbir drives the car and drives hastily. He is about to meet with an accident and stops the car. He drinks wine and falls asleep. Shahana thinks she will tell Prachi and goes to her room. He finds her missing. He Checks In The Closet And Thinks He Will See Her Outside. Pallavi sits sadly thinking about Wendy’s words. Shahana asks Did you see Prachi? Pallavi says I was really happy that Prachi is becoming the mother of Ranbir’s child and Godh Bharayi blessed her with his heart. She says I wanted to do everything that was good for the child and it was Ranbir’s first child and the heir of the family, but Prachi took away all my happiness like always. He says I convinced myself that I can get happiness from Prachi but it was just my illusion. He says I was right about Prachi, she came to take revenge on us. Shahana asks Do you know where she is? Pallavi asks Do you think I am taking care of her? She says I hope and pray that she doesn’t come back to this house, that she doesn’t long and cry and break like she broke our family. Shahana says Don’t say that, your curse may come true. Pallavi says this is my curse and it will come true. Shahana is shocked and cries, worried about Prachi. She asks God to make her meet Prachi or Ranbir. He calls Prachi and finds her phone at home. She cries and asks Where did you go? He finds a Notepad there.

Introduction: Shahana tells Rhea that Prachi was saddened by her false accusations and left home. She Says This All Happened, As You Asked Sid To Lie. Later, Rhea’s Goons kidnap Prachi from the road where Ranbir’s car is parked. Ranbir opens his eyes.


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