Kumkum Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya / Abhi, Abhigya, Kumkum Bhagya 23 August 2022 Written, Kumkum Bhagya 23 August 2022 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya Today Written Episode, Kumkum Bhagya Today Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

Ranbir asks Prachi why she didn’t tell him about her child. Is she asking my child? Ranbir says I mean our child. He says why didn’t you tell me when I came to hospital. She says I thought you didn’t tell me, she thinks I will blame you. He says he was waiting for her and giving her time to say it and he was happy about her pregnancy. She says I bought that rented flat for us and thought I will start our parenthood there. He says I wanted to do everything for you and was ready to leave everything the way I wanted you. He says I was not happy to become father but I was happy when you make me father. He says I was happy to do Bau Ji when you were going to bring that happiness to this world and wanted to give you all the happiness. He says now I…Prachi asks do you believe me or not? Ranbir says no and says its not that simple. She says she feels bad and asks if she thought what I went through. He says I know you were devastated that day when I accused you. He says I didn’t let anyone near me. Prachi says whatever Sid said, do you believe him? Ranbir says I don’t trust him but I have no reason to not trust him. He says I don’t know if I will trust the evidence or you, if I will trust my mind or my heart. Prachi looks in disbelief. Ranbir says Sid confirmed the evidence. Prachi says you can’t take Sid and my name together. Ranbir says Why You Don’t Tell Me About The Baby First and Says I Shall Know About Baby Or Not Sid. Prachi Says So You Are Believing Sid. Ranbir says everything was a lie, whatever you were hiding from me, else accept that you are a liar. Prachi says I can’t believe and asks him to say I won’t answer. He says I want an answer. Prachi asks him to answer whether he believes her or not. Ranbir Says If I Don’t. Prachi says I will think that you did the same thing with me that you did with me before. He says I am not the same as before but you are still the same. Prachi says Leave it, its over now, neither love nor relationship between us. She goes from there. He tries to stop her but to no avail. She is going. He Tears the Pillows. Sits On The Floor. Prachi thinks about Ranbir’s words and cries.

Here Bhi Royega is playing….Prachi comes to her room. Shahana asks what happened? Prachi hugs her and cries. Prachi says Ranbir said he asked why I gave the news to Sid, about the baby. Shahana says you should have asked him if he trusts you. Prachi says he said he wants to trust me. He says: You either trust or you don’t. He says he doesn’t believe me. Shahana says she trusts Sid. Prachi says she trusts Sid, Rhea, Aaliya Apart from me. He doesn’t believe me and says it’s my fault and says this has happened to me before. He says I always come to his talk and says I thought everything would be fine. He says I gave him a chance, he married Rhea and then I also gave him a chance. He didn’t trust me, I’ll let him drive me crazy again because I love him. She says I am suffering because of my true love, Ranbir never really loved me and I am getting punishment for my true love. Shahana says you have not done any sin, I will ask him how can he ask you. Prachi tries to stop her. Shahana says I will ask him today. She is going.

Ranbir thinks about Prachi’s words. Sid comes from the opposite direction and asks Ranbir to hear him. Ranbir says Don’t and is about to hit him, but stops. Sid gets angry and goes to Aaliya and Rhea’s room. Aaliya asks how dare you come here. Sid accuses her of trying to kill him. Rhea asks Aaliya, did you do it? He asks what was needed? Aaliya says my life was not at stake and says don’t ask me. She says he said what we wanted. Sid says you knew I will lie to save my sister and asks I married Rhea and she is the worst mistake of my life. He asks why are you coming in my life and says for whom I ruined my brother’s life. Aaliya pushes him down. Sid says you shouldn’t have been born and if you wanted to be born, you wouldn’t have been born as a woman. He says you are not a woman but a witch. Aaliya says No Sid. Sid says I know you are a cheap woman like Rhea. Rhea holds her hand over his mouth and asks him to bang his head against the wall or take his frustration out somewhere else. He says before you judge us, think of your sister and remember that your dad was a cheap person. He says if he didn’t have an affair then you wouldn’t have a step sister then we wouldn’t be blackmailing you. She asks her to take care of his stepsister or else he will cry for her dead body. She pushes him. Sid is crying.

Shahana thinks where is Ranbir and thinks to ask him. She comes to his room and asks if he is in the toilet. She asks if your love was this to leave her alone whenever Prachi is in need. She asks him to admonish her as well. She couldn’t find him there.

Aaliya and Rhea rejoice seeing Sid’s helplessness. Rhea asks are you done crying then we will talk. Sid says he feels disgusted with her. Aaliya asks him not to look at them. Rhea says enough of their melodrama. Sid says you both are cheap and says where you stay you will cut the roots. He says that animals are faithful, but you humans leave no one behind. Rhea hurts his injury and asks what is my mistake that I love Ranbir and you loved me. She says I did so much to get Ranbir and says you are a loser, you don’t know I don’t love you. She is smiling. Aaliya says she is playing Rhea well. Sid says I hate you. Rhea says Don’t say it and acts like she’s having a heart attack. She hugs Sid, crying and laughing out loud. Aaliya says What A Loser? Rhea says you are such a loser that you can’t even hate and you are crying like little children. She says the one thing Sid did right was lying as the truth in front of the family.

Introduction: Pallavi tells Shahana that she just hopes and prays that Prachi is where she is. Shahana is hurt. Ranbir drives the car rashly and meets with an accident. Prachi Walks On The Road. Pallavi badmouths Prachi.


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