Kumkum Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Pallavi asks Sid how can you do this with Prachi? She asks how you can do this to your brother and she wasn’t thinking about us or the family; With Name. Vikram cleans Sid’s wounds. Pallavi tells Sid that he has proved that his blood is dirty. Vikram yells at Pallavi. Pallavi asks him not to say anything, just go from there. She says Sid doesn’t know their last name, first name, their love, support or care. Vikram asks her to calm down and asks Can’t You See That He Is Hurt. Pallavi says he ruined the family name. She says why didn’t I think before and says she should have understood before why didn’t she think before. Vikram asks why? Pallavi says he should have done this as he has the same blood which was in your Bhai Saheb’s blood. She says he is a bad man like your brother, a characterless and dirty man. Vikram shouts Pallavi’s name. Pallavi says I am stating a fact and says Sid’s father had an extramarital affair and that woman gave birth to a girl. He asks Did you forget, he did the same. He says like father like son and he says in fact he is one step ahead of him, his father had an extramarital affair outside the house but Sid had an affair with his brother’s wife and she is pregnant with his child. She asks if it’s called bad blood. Vikram yells at Pallavi. Pallavi asks him to beat her and prove that Kohli’s men do such a thing. He says it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have called him. He says I felt sorry for him as both his parents died and called him here. He says I wish he would die then? Vikram asks her to be quiet for God. Sid is quiet and walks away. Pallavi says your brother was characterless and now Prachi has that bad blood in her womb which we thought was Ranbir’s blood.

Jeeta calls Aaliya and says that he is outside her house to get money. Aaliya asks how dare you come here? He comes out. Jeeta asks her to give money. Aaliya says Sid is alive inside. Jeeta Threatens Her To Give Money Else They Have The Pic And Her Recording. Aaliya gets inside to bring the money. The Other Goon asks Jeet, Where Is The Recording? Jeeta says we said and she agreed. Aaliya brings money and gives them. Jeeta asks her to call them when necessary and goes.

Rhea puts a bandage on Ranbir’s forehead and says I loved you and loves you even now. He says I will always love you. Ranbir asks her to stop and says Don’t You Understand Simple Thing, I Don’t Love You, But Loves Prachi. Rhea says love just happens and says Sid loves Prachi and Prachi also loves Sid. She asks him not to burden himself and see who loves him. Ranbir says Stop. Rhea Says Prachi Is Lying To You And You Are Loving Her. She asks what is my mistake that I love you and give you place in my heart, she always talked about you and says I was always loyal to you. Ranbir says I am not talking about you. Aaliya hears them and says Rhea is incomplete without you, asks him to understand her love and accept her. He says that Rhea’s love is completely devoted to you and says that if your love is true then Rhea’s love is also true. He says Prachi used to apply bandage like this. Rhea says she was taking care of you but she has no purity. Shahana hugs Prachi and says Ranbir trusts you. He says he doesn’t understand why Sid lied? Prachi tells Shahana that there was something in Ranbir’s eyes and says it was not nice.

She says she wants to talk to Ranbir. Shahana asks why are you starting a new matter. Prachi says I just want to know what Ranbir thinks, what is his perspective. Shahana says she is with you. Prachi says Let me talk to him. Ranbir asks Aaliya to go. Rhea says you can’t talk to Buji like this and provokes him that they both were broken and sometimes things happen between them and she gets pregnant. She says we were both broken and sad but we knew our limits, we didn’t have any physical relations before marriage. He says Prachi should have known his limitations. Aaliya says this thing will learn about ups and downs. She says he must be having an affair from before. Rhea says I know about their affair and Ranbir and I saw them in the hotel room. Ranbir asks her to go. Aaliya asks him to think as he is telling the truth. Rhea says that the truth won’t change and says that if you ignore it, then the truth will also stay the same. He says if you have accepted the hotel then this would not have happened. Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir recalls Sid saying that Prachi was the first to tell him about the pregnancy. Rhea sees Prachi and asks why did you come here, it is over, just leave him alone. Prachi says I want to talk to Ranbir. Rhea asks Did you not understand? Ranbir says Get out of here Rheo. I need to talk to Prachi. Rhea says I will not allow this. Ranbir says if you don’t talk then let us talk, I will go from here with Prachi. Rhea goes from there. Aaliya asks Rhea to be with Ranbir. Rhea says I didn’t leave him, he asked me to go. Aaliya says why are you selfish. Rhea says Prachi came there and insisted to talk to Ranbir. She says Ranbir Asked Me To Go, Else He Will Take Prachi Somewhere To Talk. He says I just couldn’t risk it. She says we have proved that Prachi’s child is Sid and then Ranbir also wants to talk to her. She says that means my reputation is still the same. Aaliya says Prachi is flickering just like a flickering lamp before she leaves.

She says that a man’s ego is very big and says that Ranbir will not accept someone else’s child. Rhea says we are saying Ranbir’s child is from Sid and says I don’t know what he is talking about. Prachi walks towards Ranbir. Ranbir also goes to see her. Prachi says she wants to ask him something. Ranbir asks her to ask. Prachi asks Do you believe me? Ranbir nods his head. Prachi says you said that, day and night. Ranbir says I trust you that you love me, you felt bad with what happened outside and he trusts you. He says I love you after whatever happened but this love hurts more than happiness. He is going to hold her face and says Can I? He says I asked you. Prachi says Don’t Make Me Understand, You Are Asses Me As You Thinking That I Am Of Someone Else. Ranbir says no. Prachi says you don’t know what you are thinking and feeling. Prachi says I understand and says just tell me you trust Sid and not me. Ranbir says I don’t know, my heart wants me to believe you. He asks why didn’t you tell me about your child. Prachi Says My Baby.

Introduction: Prachi tells Ranbir that it’s over. He says there is nothing between us, neither love nor trust. He says it’s all over. Rhea threatens Sid and asks him not to talk to her like that, she knows what will happen to his sister. Sid is worried.


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