Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya

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Aryan Is Looking For Something In The Room. Dida asks him what he is looking for? He Syas Charger. Dida gives him a charger. Aryan says it’s neither Andriod nor IOS and says it’s an old model. He says if I leave it in the museum I will get a lot of money. Dida says I am also old and asks him to leave her in the museum too. She says that once charged, her phone lasts for 3 days. Aryan says there is nothing in your phone. He remembers how he left the charger in her room and charges. It says I can charge my phone now. He turns on the phone and makes a call and finds that he has no balance. Dida is in shock. Aryan asks why she froze? Dida beats him for not charging his phone.

Rhea Thinks Of Shahana who insulted her and answered her everything whenever she was going to verbally attack Prachi. She Gets Angry And Is About To Throw A Vase. Aaliya asks her what she is doing and says are they crazy? Rhea says I searched for Ranbir and asked Shahana, she replied that I want to bury her inside the ground. Aaliya asks what did she say? Rhea Says She Said That Ranbir Is Tied To Her Pallu. Aaliya says we will go and answer Shahana. Rhea asks if you have any suggestions. Aaliya says The Goons Have Come Here, and if any of the Goon Gets Angry and Shoots at Shahana. Then when Prachi shoots the Goon to save Shahana, then you get rid of Shahana and Prachi, both of them. He says Prachi’s Pallu will slip out of Ranbir’s hand. He asks her to come. Rhea asks if he has a plan. Aaliya says Search Ranbir And Prachi And Meet Me In The Living Room. Priya is waiting outside the mansion and calls Rahul. Rahul says they couldn’t steal anything because of Prachi. She says she saved her family and became big. Rhea hears him and thinks that she too wants to become big. He offers to give him a lot of money equivalent loot and says you will go out and loot outside, I will stop you and save them, he will become great and be Bahu no 1. He says this is your advantage. Rhea says it’s your advantage too, easy money.

Pallavi asks Vikram where his inspector friend is. Vikram asks Who? Pandit Ji says the same guy I asked to keep the gun outside. Vikram says I forgot to call him this year. Pallavi says how can you forget to invite him. Vikram says its fine, he will do Darshan Of Bappa Somewhere Else. Pallavi says we wouldn’t be in this situation if he was here. She scolds him for inviting him. Vikram asks are you holding me responsible for this. Pallavi says we are trapped because of your mistake. Vikram says if I had known about this attack earlier, I would have invited the entire police.

The Goon Manish asks her not to speak without their permission. Pallavi says I will never ask his permission to talk to him. Another Goon tells Vikram that he understands his pain and asks him to tell his pain. Vikram says what he has to say. Pallavi says I will see you once they leave. Vikram says I wish they never left and asks Bappa to save him, says One Side Goons and One Side Wife. Pallavi says see you later.

Prachi asks Ranbir to leave her hand. Ranbir says if I left your hand then you will go in wrong direction. She says I held your hand to guide you on the right path and says he holds her hand when she is stupid and says he told the truth by mistake. Prachi says it is too much. He says your level of stupidity is high. Prachi says enough is enough. Ranbir says Just Started Yaar. Prachi asks him not to call her Yaar and says I hate it from the beginning. Ranbir says that is why you always said you are not my Yaar. Prachi says I Am Not Your Yaar, As I Am Your Wife. Ranbir asks if she was his girlfriend before their marriage. He says no and he says but. He says we met, loved and married straight away. Prachi says I don’t like dating and says I loved you as I saw the love in your heart for me and felt when I saw your feeling my heart beat the same way when I saw you. Ranbir Says It Is Wrong, Why Don’t You Say This Beautiful Thing Before. Prachi says Don’t say hot words to me.

Ranbir holds her and says you understand burning words at once but you don’t understand when I say I love you. Prachi says Let me go. He asks why? She says as I say. She says you act like this whenever I talk to you. He says you can’t talk to me like this. Prachi says I don’t want to listen and says what are you? He says I am nothing to you. Ranbir Says You Said Sometime Back That You Are My Wife. He says I will not come to you. He says I don’t want to follow me. He says I will come closer to you. Prachi says I will not let you near me. He says I won’t see you with that look. Prachi says I won’t see you with such a look and gets emotional. Shahana looks at them.

Rahul brings Rhea to the hall, as per the latter’s plan. Rhea acts and says she tried but failed. He says I am not a good daughter in law. Pallavi says you are good. The Goon says Give me back the bag, if I find it then no one will be saved. Rahul says you said Prachi has that bag. The Goon shoots in the air and asks who is hiding, come out or he will shoot Rhea and her mother-in-law. Come there Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana, Dida, Sid, Aryan and Aaliya. The Goon tells Prachi that he was looking for his bag which was with her but now the situation is under control. Rhea stamps on Rahul’s leg. Fb is shown, Rahul says they came here to take revenge on Aaliya who insulted Priya and him. He asks her to do something good and become big like Prachi. Fb is ending. He says they will take whatever they want and says they have no enmity with anyone except Aaliya Buji. Aaliya says I am not your Buji. Rahul says you accused us of theft and asks her to give him her necklace. Aaliya refuses. Rhea asks her not to be afraid of him. Rahul asks Rhea to keep her mouth shut and says like Bua like niece. Aaliya says Mind your tongue you monkey. Rahul says Rhea tried to buy me with money and asked me to do as she says. He says she asked me to act and she will act to save you all without getting hurt and without taking any risk, she wants to become big Bahu. Rhea is shocked when he sees her truth out. Everyone looks at Rhea.


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