K Drama Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Written Update: Young Joo feels threatened by Shin.


The episode starts with Ju Hwa having food at a convenience store and comes to call someone. She is disappointed and crosses the road carelessly, resulting in a fatal accident. Shin goes to his family’s cemetery. He greets his family and complains that they are leaving so soon without living their lives, especially Ju Hwa. She has tears in her eyes. He comes to the office where Jong Sik is embarrassed to face Seo Jin. Seo Jin tries to communicate normally with him. Shin leaves the office and Jang enters. He knows for sure that he visited his sister because it is her birthday. She comes out and both Jong Sik and Jang are shocked when Mom visits them. Jong Sik tries to avoid her meeting Shin, but Jang leads the way. Shin is surprised to see her while Ma asks where his sister is resting. He wants to pay her his long overdue respect, but Shin doesn’t want it. She agrees to find it herself. She asks for his favor to fight the case for her, but Shin flatly refuses to help her. He asked her to leave as he tried hard to keep his composure. She advises him not to be kind like his sister because being kind is weakness. When Choi asks who it is, everyone eagerly looks at the door. Sae Bom says they are his sisters-in-law, while Jong Sik despises the term.

Park Ji Yeon reprimands her son Min Su for coming from abroad based on the statement of his father’s lover. Her husband accuses her of not caring about his life. Min Su says he would like to donate his organ and doesn’t want to go back abroad. His mother Ji Yeon scolds him for this, but he says that he is having a panic attack and doesn’t want to study, but she doesn’t seem to care. Ji Yeon then visits the lady’s salon and starts fighting with her. Both are only interested in being identified as the professor’s wife and decide to fight. Choi Jun meets with You Seok and shares the professor’s case with him. Yu Seok is surprised that he thinks he would win the case. Choi akso shares with him about mom’s visit. Mom spends time with her grandchildren, but Young Joo is controlling Ki Young. Ma confronts her that she never took Ki Young to meet his mother. Young Joo is against it, but Mom is firm in her decision, which infuriates her. Mom openly confronts her about not being at fault for living the dead Young Joo’s life furiously. In court, Shin plays Park Ji Yeon’s wiretap with the insurance agency and it’s clear that she’s more interested in the insurance money. The professor is sued for illegal wiretapping, but the judge still takes the evidence and Shin wins the case. Ji Yeon and the lover fight outside the exam room as Shin leaves.

Choi Min Su finds a part-time job. Shin wonders whether to dye the grapes or not. Seo Jin comes there and appreciates him for winning the case. Shin says that both the professor and his wife are only worried about themselves, while she was fighting for custody of her son. He says their case is not the same. Young Joo learns from Yu Seok about Mao’s visit to Shin Sung Han and becomes interested. Shin, Jang, Jong and Choi went camping. Choi is bored with their camping and starts making videos for his vlogs. He soon changes his mind when he sees the steak. Hyeon Will visits his mother at the office and she takes him to a noodle shop. Seo Yeon and Seo Jin discuss the weirdos camping together. Hyeon Woo expresses his wish to go camping with them.

Jong takes Choi, who dances drunk. Shin advises Jang to let Ji Eun go because there’s no way she’ll come back to him now. They ask him the reason for mom’s visit, but he doesn’t say anything. Shin recalls checking the recording of his sister’s last call to find it from one of her friends, but he couldn’t find who it was. Young Joo calls Shin over to talk, but Shin suddenly upsets her. Jang searches the Internet for a gift for pregnant women. Sae Bom suggests that he buy a stroller. Choi gets his first case from Shin, but Seo Jin says it might not be easy for him. A devastated girl cries that her husband cheated on her, but he accuses her of cheating on him. Seo Jin asks what he is accusing her of. He says he has mental health issues but how is he fine. Jang buys a walk and takes it to a noodle shop to keep for now. Everyone will learn about his story. He meets Ji Eun with the divorce papers and gives her a stroller. She takes it and leaves while he cries. A guy goes to meet Shin to stop his divorce sent by Young Joo. Enraged, Shin dyes the last grape and crushes the drawing.


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