Instagram’s Quiet Mode Will Help You Avoid the Constant Reel-Sharing

Instagram’s Quiet Mode

It’s safe to say that consuming and sharing Reels on Instagram has become an important part of our routine, and let’s face it, it also takes up a lot of our time. The Meta-owned social media platform has now introduced silent mode so we can focus and keep our minds off grammar. Here’s what it’s all about.

Instagram introduces silent mode

Instagram’s new silent mode stops notifications so you can focus on work or study. This is specifically for the teen audience and Instagram will encourage them to enable the mode whenever usage increases.

The silent mode will be located in the notification settings and you can choose how long you want to stay in the mode. Once activated, your activity status will change to “In Silent Mode” And once you’re set to return to the world of Reels and Stories, you’ll see a summary of notifications so you can finally check them out.

This feature is in addition to various features that Instagram has implemented in the past to limit usage. This includes a Take a Break feature that reminds people (especially teenagers) to take a break, and the ability to set time limits and view time spent in the app.

Instagram is rolling out silent mode to users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and should be rolling out to other countries soon.

In addition, the social media app has introduced the ability to mark more posts in Explore as “I don’t care” so you see less of what you don’t like. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid some recommendations by sharing a list of words or hashtags you don’t want to see in a post. This can be accessed through the Hidden Words section of the privacy settings.

Instagram has also added the option for parents to see who their kids have blocked through Family Center and supervision tools. So what do you think of Instagram’s new silent mode? Let us know in the comments below.


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