Imlie 25th March 2023 Written Update: Imlie follows a suspicious driver Mohan


The episode starts with Imlie telling Art that she can’t be late on her first day at the office. Arto wishes her the best and she leaves. The traffic crews are waiting for their boss to arrive. Imlie arrives with Rudra. The employees ask Dhairya where their boss is. He points to Imlie and the crew doubts whether Imlie being a woman can handle the job or not. Dhairya also doubts about Imlia’s potential which Rudra introduced to them that the crews will report her from now on. Imlie goes to the office and tries to understand the work. Rudra says he believes he will do his job well. He calls Dhairya and tells him to help Imlie understand work responsibilities. Imlie gets a call from her boss who asks her if she has started the sting operation. He replies that he will start soon.

She asks Dhairya to give her the truck route files. He says he can’t help her like he used to and has lost his right. If she wants the files, she should do it herself. He gets mad and goes to find the files. There, Devika prepares kheer for Art and Imli. Kia tells Device that the Imlie is too new to handle drivers effectively. He needs someone who has knowledge about the transportation business. Just like Akash. Shivani says she misunderstood Imlie that she is not suitable for Art or the family. But she can do things. Kia convinces Devika with her words and she says she will talk to Rudra. Kia thinks Imlie will be sitting at home soon. There, Imlie is looking for folders and some of the crews make fun of her. He asks Dhairya directly about the illegal activities carried out by the crews. Dhairya says she trusts all the staffs here. They are not rich enough to afford a pickle like Akasha. Imlie tells Dhairya to answer clearly instead of taunting.

Dhairya silenced her. Imlie accepts the challenge and exposes the illegal activities. There, Arto calls Imlie and asks her how her work is going. Imlie says its good and asks about his concert. He says he is waiting for the event manager. Arto says he will meet her after the concert. The event manager tells him that the auditorium is not full and no one has bought him tickets. He says he took a short break, but he can perform in front of smaller audiences. But the manager denies it. Arto thinks he shouldn’t give up.

Imlie overhears a driver named Mohan who wants to go on a certain route. He suspects that she is hiding something. She follows him and hides in his truck. Mohan goes to the place and meets the liquor supplier. The man puts alcohol in Mohan’s truck. He talks about Rudra not knowing about the illegal work. Imlie is shocked to know their intentions. She catches her phone ringing. She records their confession and says she won’t spare them now, jumps off the truck and is about to run, but Dhairya holds her at gunpoint. She is stunned when she sees him.

Precap- Imlie asks Dhairya if he is also involved in this illegal work. Mohan thanks Dhairya for coming. Arto looks for Imlie in the office and learns that Imlie went to see Mohan and Dhairya is also gone. Arto is worried about her.


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