Imlie 24th March 2023 Written Update: Dhairya gets upset with Rudra’s decision


The episode starts with Imlie taking up the task of knowing the truth. Rudra praises Dhairya for helping lmlia. He says Dhairya will reach heights and he is proud of him. Rudra informs someone that he will announce the replacement of Arta. Dhairya is happy to hear this and tells his mother through a call that after a lot of hard work he will finally get the desired result. His mother tells him not to lose his temper easily. He says he believes his dream will come true. Imlie thinks Rana company is definitely not involved in any illegal business. There, Akash thinks that Rudra will finally understand his worth.

Rudra gives a speech about a person who has made every effort to contribute to his society. He says his sons couldn’t do it, but the man did. Dhairya is about to step forward but Rudra takes Imlia’s name as the director of operations. Dhairya is shocked and Rudra thanks Imlia for her ideas. She says the responsibility is big and they will be there to help her. Imlie accepts the opportunity and Dhairya leaves the party upset. There, Imlie talks to her manager that she can’t do a sting in Rana Transport. The manager says she let him and her parents down. He adds that he will start working there soon and will also perform sting operations. Arto overhears this and asks her why she wants to carry out the sting in his father’s company. Imlie feels nervous and before she could explain anything, Arto smiled. He says he’s not mad at her, but she has good reasons, maybe that’s why he’s doing it. Imlie says Rana Company’s name is on the list and wants to know why it is on the illegal list. Arto says that she has to manage both jobs and it will be stressful for her. He says if he won’t feel bad? He says he is capable enough to handle traffic matters, so he believes Rudra made the right decision.

Imlie hugs him and Sun Mere Humsafar plays in the background. Dhairya returns home and his mother serves him Aloo Poori. Dhairya makes them angry. She asks him what happened and he says his hard work went in vain as Rudra gave the director position to Imlia and not to him. He shouldn’t have helped her. his mother tells him not to take it seriously, but he should believe. Good days will come. There, Imlie prepares a milkshake for her family and Devika praises the recipe. Later, before leaving for work, Arto feeds Imlie curd and sugar. Imlie also supports him as she also has a gig. He says that without Art there is nothing.

Precap- Precap- Rudra brings Imlie to his company and tells the staff to report her from now on. Employees complain about a woman taking charge. Dhairya says she doesn’t think Imlie is right for the role.


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