Imlie 23rd April 2023 Written Update: Dhairya stops Akash and Kia from exposing Arto


The episode starts with Imlie coming into the room and Arto closing his eyes. He offers her a rose and says he needs to know that her sting operation was a huge success so he wants to celebrate. He also offers her another rose because they wouldn’t have gotten the deal without her help. She says she can’t hide it from Rudra anymore. Imlie says that he would have helped his father after two years but instead he did earlier. So she didn’t do anything special. He says he never takes credit for anything. Imlie says he is really special to her. She gives him roses by getting down on her knees. Imlie tells him to get ready for the party and before she leaves, Arto thinks that no matter what he says, he will tell the truth to Rudra today. There, Dhairya is present at the party. Akash asks him what he is doing here. Arto says he invited Dhairya because it’s a successful party for all the office staff. Dhairya deserves to be here. Dhairya avoids Art when he tries to talk to him. Arto asks him if he has a problem with him. Why he never speaks well. Dhairya says because he is just a spoiled brat of a rich businessman.

Imlie defends Arto and calls Dhairya reckless. He says Dhairya is judgmental and he has no idea about Art’s struggle. He takes him to Art’s room and shows him his DJ set. Imlie tells Dhairya that Arto has already made his name in the DJ industry, but just to help his father, he sacrificed his career to join the business. He adds that Dhairya saw Art’s weakness as his ego. He is a slow learner, but Dhairya didn’t appreciate that. She is hyperactive and Arto calms her down. Dhairya leaves.

Kia and Akash prepare with footage to expose Art at the party. Before Akash could play it, Dhairya grabs the remote control and says why these two want to harm the work of the company employees. Arto will not benefit from the success. Kia asks Dhairya if Arto has become his friend. They fought two days ago. Dhairya shuts them both and there Rudra praises Art in front of the guests when he comes downstairs with Imlie. Arto finally admits that it was all Imlie’s hard work and ideas and that’s why they got the offers. He has no knowledge of business and cannot become a good businessman. Imlie says Dhairya helped her. She didn’t do it all by herself. Arto says that he took the time to tell the truth because he was happy to see the faith in Rudra’s eyes. One client says he will then reconsider whether or not to work with Rana’s. He also insults Art. Imlie says not everyone becomes a businessman. But Arto is blessed with another talent for which he is famous. Rudra says both sons have failed him.

Imlie tells Art that why he told the truth without thinking, people will judge him. He says he only learned it from her, she deserves credit for her own work. She gets a call from her manager who says that Rana’s company name is on the cheat list for illegal activities. He asks her if she can handle this task. He says he won’t back down, but he will learn the truth.

Precap- Rudra brings Imlie to his company and tells the staff to report her from now on. Employees complain about a woman taking charge. Dhairya says she doesn’t think Imlie is right for the role.


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