Imlie 21st March 2023 Written Update: Dhairya helps Imlie finish her sting operation


The episode starts with Imlie holding the medicine. Dhairya was not given the medicine and the supervisor said that the doctor took it urgently. Dhairya notices it in Imlie’s hands and asks her to give it to him. He says he’ll take it in moderation. Imlie signals him to step aside and says she will give him the medicine outside but Dhairya is not ready. He accidentally pushes Imlie and his wig comes off. She is caught by fraud crews. Imlie and Dhairya try to escape but the crews surround them. Dhairya says she needs to beat them now. Imlie says she is Imlie’s daughter and can beat them. He sits on the stretcher and asks Dhairya to push him. He injects their hands and they successfully escape. Dhairya is happy to see her laughing.

He asks her why she is in it to get up. She says she was here for a sting operation so she disguised herself. He asks for the medicine and she says he has to thank her first with a smile. He says he can’t smile but he can promise her one thing that whenever she comes for such a sting operation, he will come to help her. She gives him the medicine and he drives off. Later, Imlie enters her room through the window and Arto asks her why she was out all night while he was sleeping. She says she went for a sting operation. She tries to make him laugh by acting like a foreigner. Her necklace falls and they both slide for the pearls. They laugh together and become romantic.

Rudra decides to take Art to the office for a presentation for a foreign client. He says he believes Arto can impress them. Arto feels nervous and Imlie also thinks how to help him now. He doesn’t have enough time either. Kia thinks Arto is going to get into trouble now. Arto is driving the car and Rudra says that everyone praised his work and that’s why he hopes from him. Arto thinks it was just Imlie’s hard work, not his. Imlie is about to go out but Kia asks her to focus on her sasural instead of focusing on work all the time. Imlie says just because she is a woman why would she sacrifice her career after marriage. Ginni and Ripa ask Imlie to check their assignments for once as they are a bit nervous about it. Imlie finds no other option but to do so. Kia notices her and then goes to see Devika. Imlie says she will check their tasks in the room and leaves. There, Arto thinks that his math is not good, so he can’t come up with a new proposal so quickly. She thinks how to tell Rudra the truth. Rudra comes and says he understands she is putting pressure on him but after so long he can fully trust someone so he expects things from him. He shows Art the employees who put their heart and soul into this business, and now it’s Art’s responsibility not to let them down. Arto thinks he has to admit in front of everyone that he knows nothing about the offer or the business.

Precap- Dhairya asks Imlia why she forgot the sting operation just because of Art who is dull headed. Imlie warns him not to judge her husband. He says he’s just stating the facts.


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