Imlie 1st April 2023 Written Update: Dhairya saves Arto by donating blood


The episode starts with Imlie taking Arto to the hospital. Arto struggles to breathe. There, Kia asks Akash why he is making a show. Akash says he can be caught anytime as Arto was shot. All the blame will be on him. Kia says that Arto has been shot so everyone is only focusing on Arto so he should relax. No one thinks of catching the real culprit. Akash agrees with her. There, after some time, Imlie asks the doctor about Art’s condition. The doctor says he pulled the bullet, but Art’s blood type is rare and they can’t start another procedure without securing the blood. Imlie breaks down in tears and scolds Art for why he wants to leave her in the middle when they have just started their new beginning. She is really mad at him and he needs to recover quickly. Imlie calls Rana to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Rudra is shocked to know that Arto has been shot. He and Devika start panicking. Shivani thinks Rudra can’t give blood to Arta in this medical condition. They discover that Akash has the same blood type as Arto. They call Akash to come with them to the hospital. Akash drives the car and Devika takes care of Art. Akash remembers his own insult and thinks that the Ranas already feel that he is a bad person, so why will he help them? He takes a wrong turn so he arrives at the hospital late. He apologizes that they can’t go any further because of construction work, so he knows a short cut. There, Imlie keeps calling Rudra why he is coming late. Rana gets stuck and Rudra scolds Akash if he did it on purpose. Kia joins Akash and says Rudra can’t blame him. He arrives at the hospital soon after the traffic is cleared. Rudra tries to leave alone but Shivani tells him not to risk his health.

Imlie gets tensed and goes to look for the donor. He tells Art not to give up on the outside. He keeps the idol of Sita Maiya near him and then he comes across a mysterious person. He talks to the nurse and wants to give blood to Art. The nurse checks his health and then saves Art’s life by giving him blood. Imlie learns that Arto is fine now. He surmises that Akash may have reached the hospital to give him blood. But then he finds out that it is some unknown person. She stops him to thank him for his favor, but he leaves. Dhairya shows her face outside the hospital and says she can’t let Arta die so easily. He wants to teach Art a lesson. He did Art another favor. Imlie wishes well for Dhairya. Rudra is pleased that Arto is fine as he got the donor. Akash looks angry. Rudra then notices Dhairya drinking water outside the hospital. He’s getting suspicious.

Devika apologizes to Imlia for scolding her earlier. Imlie says it is because of her blessings Dhairya, Arto and she were saved. Ranas praises Imlie for saving Arto. Manish says Dhairya kidnapped Imlie to prove his innocence but they should at least warn him. Rudra says they will look into the matter. Imlie is about to leave but Kia stops her and says where does she get so much energy. She got carried away by Dhairya and even spent the whole night with him. He seems to have cared for her a lot. Imlie feels insulted hearing this. Rana’s look.

Precap- Precap- Arto brings chocolate for Imlie to the office to make her happy. But he finds out that Dhairya has brought Malpua for Imlie to impress her. Imlie says it is her favorite and she had a sweet tooth. He eats them and Arto feels jealous. Dhairya says he lost almost everything because of Art and now he will steal his happiness which is none other than Imlie.


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