Imlie 17th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Imlie prays to God for her family and her children. Malini comes there in her car and says this is the right occasion to come here as it is Imlie’s daughter’s naming ceremony, how could she miss? Imlie protects Diya’s flame as it is about to blow. She Gets Worried And Aryan Calls Her To Sit For The Puja. Sundar asks Imlia why the other is looking at the wall.

Imlie Shares Her Worries With Him That She Can Sense Some Danger. Malini comes by hiding her face and sees the bomb she brought. She probably fit it under the table and Sundar sees her from behind. He assumes it might be Malini, but it turns out to be another woman. Malini executes her plan and says that she will now fix the time of Imlie’s death. Her phone goes off and the bomb timer goes off much sooner than she thought. He is preparing to leave as soon as possible.

Aryan and Imlie decide on a name for their two daughters, but before they can tell the priest, a bombshell explodes. Everyone starts running back and forth. Imlie and Aryan tell their family to leave as they will save their daughters before saving themselves. Imlie finally finds Chini and her daughter and informs Aryan. Malini falls and injures her leg. He tries to break free but fails. He says Imlie must die. Imlie is about to leave with Chini but notices Malini there. She is shocked to find it. Chini Goes Near Malini And The Latter Tells Her To Call Her Mother. Chini says Imlie is her mother not her.

The explosion of the other bombs. Imlie and Aryan get injured, after some time they open their eyes and cannot get up. Aryan tells Imlia why didn’t she leave when he told her. She didn’t listen to him and replies that he didn’t leave either. Malini starts brainwashing Chini, whom Imlie doesn’t love at all. The police come to the rescue of the Aryans and Imlia. The pillars have fallen on them, making them unable to move. The police go to arrange some help to save them. The Rathores come to help Arya and Imlia. They get emotional.

Malini says Imlie used Chini when she didn’t have her own child. But now he has his own daughter so he won’t consider Chini as his daughter. Imlie didn’t even give Chini the right to call her mother. She rejected the old doll to get a new doll. Imlie tells her family to take care of Chini and she could not hear her mother from her mouth, she may never hear it. He says Chini should be far away from Malini’s evil thoughts.

Malini asks Chini to take away her rights from the world and she won’t just ask for it and she should remember that Malini was her mother. Chini Promises Malini And Dies Last. The Aryan says that his words are not waiting. Imlie says they will leave the world together as partners. Rathores Break Down To Tears And Imlie Recalls Her Dialogue To Sun, And Also Recalls Her Meethi And Satyakam. She closes her eyes and takes her last breath with the Aryan.


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