How to solve the Applecore mine lift water puzzle in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok

During God of War Ragnarok‘s The Quest for Tyr, the Applecore section of the Jarnsmida Pitmines in Svartalfheim has a series of puzzles that involve manipulating a stream of water to control mechanisms. The second of these puzzles require you to control the elevator and also reach the elevator across the gap, and it’s not easy to figure out which of the water troughs you should throw the leviathan ax into.


How to activate the elevator in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarok

Shortly after the Applecore branch of Sindri’s shop, you’ll come to the first water puzzle. It’s a simple matter of freezing one water chute to raise the crane to swing across the gap. But behind the large door and crawl space is a more complex puzzle.

After defeating the Draugr, cross the bridge and follow Atreus to the left. Drop down to the right, then climb the chain and climb to the upper platform. From there, use the Blades of Chaos to pull the lever that closes the gate on the water chute. This will activate the elevator and go up. Next, you need to get to the elevator and make it go down again.

How to get to the elevator in The Applecore in God of War Ragnarok

Go back down the chain, then go back up to the end of the wooden bridge. Throw the leviathan ax at the left end of the water chute that runs from side to side between you and the elevator. This will control the crane to the left, allowing you to swing to the elevator.

Next, retrieve the leviathan ax and throw it into the water chute to your right to lower the elevator. Then enter the elevator and summon your leviathan ax to ride the elevator up.


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