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Life By You Wiki

Paradox Tectonic is developing “Life by You”, an upcoming life simulation game to be published by Paradox Interactive. Game development is being led by Rod Humble, former executive vice president of EA Play and head of The Sims Label. The game was first teased on March 6, 2023, and the full trailer was released on March 20, 2023. “Life by You” is scheduled for release on September 12, 2023 in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Launcher.

How to play Life By You Soon?

“Life by You” is an early access life simulation game where players have complete control over creating their own people, cities and stories. The game’s development team will work directly with players to determine the direction of the game’s priorities and content, making it a collaborative experience. The game provides a wide range of creator tools that allow players to design their lives and stories with the ability to break the rules of life itself. As one of the most modifiable and open-ended life simulation games, “Life by You” is designed to encourage players to use their imaginations to create unique people, stories and creations.

Play in an open world:

Experience life without loading screens and engage in real language conversations. Travel to the countryside and complete quests to unlock new experiences.

Expand your creativity:

Take advantage of deep creator tools and mods to create your own in-game content. Change the gameplay as you see fit and let your creativity run wild.

Take direct control:

Place your people where you want them and control their lives in third person mode. Live as one person or tell the stories of many. Career progression, falling in love and starting a family.

Tell stories through conversations:

Each conversation is unique to your person’s situation, and you can even create your own in-game. Let conversations develop and shape your human life.

Design your own world:

Build your people’s dream homes and businesses from scratch, furnish them from top to bottom, and rearrange entire cities to your liking.

Create fully customized people:

Design your families using the Human Creator, including deep personality and character traits. Style and edit your people anytime to bring your vision to life.

Life By You Release Date

Exciting news for life simulation game lovers as the release date of “Life by You” has been revealed. The game is set to launch into Early Access on September 12, 2023, giving players plenty of time to build anticipation without waiting too long. The Sims has dominated the life simulation game market for the past two decades, but that’s about to change with Paradox Tectonic, a new developer studio from Paradox Interactive launching a direct competitor called “Life by You.”

Life By You Early access

The eagerly awaited life simulation game “Life by You” will launch on September 12, 2023 in Early Access for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store with a price tag of $39.99 / €39.99 / £34.99. Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Paradox Tectonic have announced that the game will likely remain in Early Access for at least a year, depending on player feedback and continued development.

With “Life by You”, players will have complete control over their created characters, built cities and stories. The game will offer modding options, and as an Early Access game, developers will work closely with players to prioritize ideas and content that will contribute to the game’s development and full launch. With a wide range of creator tools available, players will be able to design their lives as they see fit, or even break the rules of life itself. Designed as a highly modifiable and open-ended life simulation game, “Life by You” is set to offer players an immersive experience where they can create their own stories and characters.

Game Life By You

The latest trailer for Life by You provided a lot of exciting gameplay details. One standout feature is the direct control you have over your people, allowing you to drag them anywhere you want and even control them in third-person mode. In addition, Life by You offers a smooth open world with no loading screens and provides players with a massive sandbox. With the ability to explore beyond your home and go as far as the map will allow, the possibilities for adventure are endless.


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