How to hide last seen, profile picture from select users


WhatsApp has received a new update that allows you to hide your last seen and profile photo to selected users.

WhatsApp has finally discovered one of the most anticipated privacy features the site was expected to add for a long time. Users are now able to hide their last visual and profile picture from certain contacts, which may give relief to other users. There are times when you need to hide your appearance from other people in this messaging app. iQOO 10 Specs and Pricing | iQOO 10 Full Specs Leaked

Many user numbers are stored in your phone address book, but not all of them fall into your family or friends list. So, you may feel the need to hide some things like your profile picture, but you could not do that as the feature was missing. WhatsApp has finally provided users and if you have not yet received this feature, you can follow the steps listed below to enable the feature immediately.

WhatsApp: How to hide last seen photo and profile for selected users

Step 1: Users first navigate to WhatsApp and then navigate to the Settings section by tapping the three-dot button, located in the upper right corner of the screen. How to bypass CAPTCHA verification on Apple iPhone

Step 2: Now, press again in Settings> Account.

Step 3: You will find the Privacy option at the top and you just need to click on that. Here, you will find all the options to save Views and Profile Photos.

Step 4: Tap Last Seen and you will get four options. You need to click on the third option, called External Contacts. Once you have done that, WhatsApp will display a list of contacts.

Note: WhatsApp only shows those contacts stored in your phone’s address book and not anonymous users. The forum will display your last visible and profile picture only to those in your contacts list and not to unsaved numbers, even if you select the “My Contacts” or “External Contacts” option. Apex Legends Mobile: 5 tips to help you win the phone battle royale

Step 5: Just select all the contacts you want to hide your last photo and profile. After this, just tap again on the green icon icon, which is at the bottom of the app. You’re all right now.

Note: The process is the same as the Profile Image option. WhatsApp will display a number in the Keeping Vision and Profile image section to let you know how many contacts you have removed.


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