How to delete unwanted page from Word document? Here are 4 easy ways


A hard page break can be inserted by pressing Ctrl + Enter or Command + Return, while a soft page break can be entered using Word to wrap the text at the right margin. It can only be deleted by deleting the characters that are before or after it.


Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Page Up Windows

To display a single page regardless of content on a Windows device, place the cursor at the top of the page after the page you want to delete and press the Delete key.

This means that you will need to go to the top of page 3 and press Delete if you want to delete page 2 of the Word document.

Although it goes to the top of the previous page, the shortcut Ctrl + Page Up can be a bit useful. This means that even if the page is actually blank, you can use this shortcut. The desired behavior of Ctrl + Page Up is not achieved if the page contains text, even blank lines.

Use the navigation pane to delete pages in Word

• Click the View tab, and then click the navigation bar in the View group.
• Click Pages in the navigation bar.
• Click on a blank page, then press the Delete key. The blue border will reflect the page that was selected.

When there is no fixed page break to remove pages?

Hard lines might force a new page. Hard paragraph breaks, sometimes referred to as paragraph marks, result in a blank page. The Enter key is represented by paragraph marks. Select all the paragraph marks on the page, then press Delete to remove them.

Select and delete the page in Word

A page can be deleted in Word without a shortcut or a special pane if the user can see the bottom of the page. Simply select it and press Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is MS Word?

A word processing tool called Microsoft Word enables the generation of both simple and complex documents.

How many tools does Microsoft Word have?

It contains seven tabs: Home, Insert, Page Layout, Reference, Submit, Review, and View. Each tab has different sets of related commands. It gives you easy access to the frequently used commands you need to complete a task.


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