How to defeat Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose
Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

Boss fights are one of the most fun parts of any Resident Evil game, and Resident Evil Village is packed with bosses to fight. In addition to the campaign, you can also complete the Shadows of Rose DLC, where there are even more enemies against you. Mother Miranda appears as the final boss of the DLC after returning from the end of the Village. This guide will show you how to defeat Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose.

Mother Miranda Boss Guide in Resident Evil Village – Shadows of Rose

Just like in the main game, Mother Miranda is the final boss of the Shadows of Rose DLC. This time, however, he is faster and more deadly than ever before. Before the fight, Rose gains access to some newfound abilities that allow you to dodge and absorb the attacks that Miranda is dishing out. If you had these powers against Eveline.

The beginning of the fight consists of Miranda flying around before quickly dashing towards you. These attacks are fairly easy to see coming. Use your new dodge ability to jump out of the way, then use Rose’s abilities to stun Miranda when she gets close. Once Miranda is stunned, pump some ammo into her, preferably a shotgun.

After he damages Miranda a bit, he will occasionally make the arena go dark just like in the fight during the campaign. During this time, try to keep an eye on her as she dives through the darkness to try and damage you. The darkness clears after a few minutes and the fight returns to normal. Miranda also summons Megamycete to launch black streaks of mold. Attack to the sides to avoid incoming attacks.

Later in the fight, Miranda starts throwing out balls of energy. When this happens, use Rose’s abilities to absorb ranged attacks. This will refill Rose’s power meter. After absorbing the attacks, you can use Rose’s abilities to unleash Megamycete against Miranda. Do this when Miranda gets close to taking a lot of damage and stun her before unleashing your weapon of choice on her. When the fight is over, you’ll be prompted to use Rose’s powers one last time before knocking Miranda down and ending her for good.


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