How to befriend Virginia Sons of the Forest? How to find it?


If you play the game you should know how to befriend Virginia Sons of the Forest because she will help you if you are her friend so here you know how to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.


Virginia Sons of the Forest

Virginia is a three-legged, three-armed woman who will be equipped with weapons to help players in difficult situations. Virginia holds weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and swords. She is naturally shy and hard to find and will run away as soon as you approach her. Most new players shoot her when they see the three-legged, three-armed lady. But she’s the only person who doesn’t kill us in Sons of the Forest besides Kelvin. Kelvin is the boy you want to protect. He is deaf and mute. The player should give him orders written on paper. Kelvin will help players by collecting crafts and resources or even starting fires.

How to befriend Virginia Sons of the Forest?

In order to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest, the player should gain Virginia’s trust, and the player can show her a good gesture in the following ways:

If you’re holding a weapon, put it down when it approaches you or press “G”

Keep calm and don’t try to attack Virginia, if you do she will run into the forest.

you can continue your quest with Kelvin

Do not try to approach her or show her a gun

Choose the right spot and set up your tent and start a fire, she will approach you

Let her dance and make sure you have enough food and water.

Sometimes Virginia will stare at you and then walk away without coming close to you

It won’t happen in a minute or a day, the player should wait a few days to gain her trust.

After a few days, he will come to your camp and start dancing around you.

Wait until he gives you some berries.

Later you will see and interact with the challenge.

She will now become your friend and a good companion in Sons of the Forest.

How to find Virginia in Sons of the Forest?

If you’re looking for Virginia, you should avoid attacking her as soon as you spot her. Virginia is a three-legged, three-armed girl. The player can see her anywhere at the start of Sons of the Forest. The player often sees her when they return to the helicopter crash site. If the player is holding a gun, Virginia will raise her hands and immediately run and run into the woods. If the player tries to attack her, she will get hurt and run away anyway.

Do’s and Don’ts to befriend Virginia

If Virginia gives you Aloe seeds, you should plant them and she will visit you in the camp and give you gifts. Communicate with her and give her a GPS tracker so you can see her on the map at any time. You can give Virginia pistols, shotguns and swords to protect you from cannibals and mutants. Kelvin can’t handle a weapon, so you can give it to Virginia, who is known for her good defense. Once Virginia feels safe with you, she will start sitting next to you with Kelvin, even following you every now and then.

Never try to hurt Virginia. The whole game takes place outside, there is a good chance that Virginia will get hurt by mutants and cannibals. Virginia may not always be available when you encounter your enemy, so the player should be prepared to protect themselves. Additionally, players cannot give orders to Virginia. Always provide her with weapons, Virginia can destroy all your enemies in hard times. Virginia can follow you outside, if you’re inside a cave or maintenance room she can’t enter. If left idle, she will wander and leave and is always hard to find.


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