Guppedantha Manasu 24th March 2023 Written Update: Dharma Raju steals exam papers


The episode starts with Vasudhara waking up in the morning to find Devayani looking at her. Devayani says to Vasudhar, looks like she has realized her place. Jagathi comes and asks Vasudhara why is he sleeping here? Vasudhara tells Jagathi that Rishi was sleeping in her room when he got tired at work. Commenting on Vasudhara sleeping on the sofa, Devayani says this is her condition. Vasudhara replies to Devayani by telling her that her status lies in Rishi’s heart and says that it is not for her to decide. Vasudhara says that she and Rishi will get together no matter if he becomes a speed breaker between her and Rishi. Vasudhara leaves from there. Devayani tells Jagathi that Vasudhara has a lot of courage. Jagathi praises Vasudhar.

In the college, Dharma Raju enters as the leader of the scoring. Dharma Raju takes the call and talks to someone. The second person on the phone is shown to be the head of the college who has lost the chance to get a point assessment. Dharma Raju gives his word to the other person that if DBST college makes even a small mistake, he will show them what he is capable of.

Rishi asks his staff to do the evaluation of the place well and leaves from there. Vasudhara and Jagathi help the lecturers who have come to conduct the spot assessment.

Dharma Raju tells Mahindra that the education department has sent him as a controller for this point evaluation. Dharma Raju tells Mahindra what is the procedure to do the point evaluation. Mahindra agrees to do it his way.

Mahindra and Dharma Raju come to check how the spot evaluation is going. Dharma Raju greets the Rishi. Dharma Raju checks the scoring and thinks he knows how to make the scoring fail. Rishi tells Mahindra that after completing this work, he will ask them to seal the papers. Mahindra agrees.

Dharma Raju is talking on the phone with his wife. Mahindra comes to his cabin. Mahindra salutes Dharma Raju. Mahindra leaves the locker keys on the table. Jagathi comes and asks Mahindra to come to her. Mahindra leaves his cabin. Jagathi tells Mahindra that there is something wrong with the district codes. Mahindra will check it. Dharma Raju sees that both are distracted. Dharma Raju takes the keys from the locker and prints the keys on the soap and leaves the keys on the table. Dharma Raju leaves from there. Dharma Raju decides to make duplicate keys to the locker and finish his job. Dharma Raju bumps into Rishi while leaving college. Dharma Raju greets Rishi and leaves from there.

Mahindra asks Jagathi if the work is complete. Dharma Raju comes and asks Mahindra if the fix is ​​over. Mahindra says it will be over in a few minutes. Dharma Raju, Mahindra, Jagathi and Rishi come to the dressing room and ask Dharma Raju to take a look. Dharma Raju checks and says everything is fine. Mahindra locks the door and seals the lock in front of Dharma Raja.

Mahindra and Jagathi come to Mahindra’s cabin. Rishi comes and asks Jagathi where is Vasudhara? Jagathi goes to look for her.

Dharma Raju returns with the duplicate keys, opens the sealed door and steals the papers from the locker room and leaves the dormitory. While searching for Vasudhara, Jagathi notices that the sealed door is open. Jagathi asks Vasudhar to call Rishi and Mahindra.

Rishi, Mahindra, Jagathi and Vasudhara enter the room and notice that three bundles of exam papers are missing. Jagathi notices that the locker key has soap on it and feels suspicious about it. Jagathi tells Vasudhar about the smell of soap on the keys. Rishi understands who did this act and asks Vasudhara to go with him.


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