Guppedantha Manasu 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Devayani requests Rishi


The episode starts with Vasudhara explaining to Rishi how hard she worked to cook for him. The Rishi satirically praises Vasudhar’s food. After a while, he really compliments Vasudhar’s food. Rishi tells Vasudhar that it is not right to always hide things from others. Rishi asks Vasudhar to eat the food.

Rishi tells everyone in the staff meeting that DBST college has been selected for point evaluation. Rishi assigns the job of evaluating spots to his employees. Rishi says Mahindra and Jagathi will take care of evaluating the spot. Rishi tells Mahindra and Jagatha what they should do for the scoring.

Devayani asks Jagathi where is Rishi? Jagathi asks Devayani who are they to decide what Rishi will do? Devayani reminds that they are Rishi’s parents. Mahindra reminds Devayani that Rishi said in front of everyone that Vasudhara is his wife. Devayani says they also know the truth why Rishi did this. Jagathi tells Devayani that she is not in the habit of interfering in other people’s affairs like some people. Jagathi indirectly reminds Devayani that she too has some limits. Jagathi leaves from there.

Rishi sees that Vasudhara is doing work even after finishing college. Rishi convinces Vasudhara to stop working as it is time for them to leave. Vasudhara asks Rishi if he won’t pick her up because he doesn’t pick her up sometimes. Rishi says he will leave if he doesn’t stop talking nonsense. Vasudhara agrees and says he will follow in his footsteps. Rishi agrees. Vasudhara follows Rishi to his car.

Rishi and his family talk about the DBST college that conducts the spot assessment. Devayani asks Rishi about it. Rishi tells Devayani about DBST college scoring. Rishi and Jagathi say that it will be a matter of great pride for their college if their college conducts the point assessment. Devayani asks Rishi why he has to take more burden. Rishi says that spot rating has a lot of rules and they have to do it strictly. Rishi asks Devayani not to worry about him and says he will take care of it.

Vasudhara is shown still working at night. Rishi asks Vasudhar to go to sleep. Vasudhara says she can’t go to sleep as she is waiting for work. Rishi agrees and leaves from there to prepare coffee. Vasudhara thinks it would be good if she has coffee right now as she is feeling sleepy. Rishi brings coffee to Vasudhara. Vasudhara feels happy when Rishi brings coffee and shares the coffee with Rishi. Vasudhara tells Rishi that her work is complete after a while, but later she realizes that she still has to mail these documents and tells Rishi about it. Rishi asks Vasudhar to finish her work and he will stay here. Rishi goes to sleep sitting. Vasudhara, after finishing the work, sees that Rsihi has fallen asleep. Vasudhara feels satisfied with Rishi’s care.

Vasudhara later thinks that Rishi is really a great guy and remembers Rishi’s words. Vasudhara thinks about it.


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