Google Maps now estimates toll charges for your journey

Google Maps
Google Maps

A new Google Maps feature that estimates the amount you have to pay in tolls to drive a certain route has begun to appear in Android and iOS apps, according to Google. Android Police report that they see new prices in the app, though not yet visible on the two devices we tried on the same route. The paid feature was first announced by Google in April.

Google claims that the prices of the toll shown are based on “trusted information from local paid authorities,” and looks at toll passes and time of day when calculating total costs. There is also a change to “avoid tolls” when counting routes. Google Maps has previously been able to warn you when paying a full toll on a trip, but not to calculate how much that toll would cost. How to take a screenshot on any Windows 10 computer in several different ways

According to Google, this feature is available for “almost 2000” toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia through its iOS and Android apps. It says it plans to increase support in many countries “soon.”

Google Maps has a newly updated feature that allows users to check a limited amount of toll costs.

Google has stated that the user will have to pay the required tolls on the driving route to be first seen on Android and the Google Maps app for iOS.

In addition, it is reported that Android Police have seen a new feature already implemented on the platform – which shows toll values ​​already appearing in the app while roaming the route.
Some users have not yet received an update to their site, but the feature has already begun to work on many devices, according to reports. Why India is Ranked at Bottom of the Environmental Performance Index ?

This new fare display feature was first announced by Google in April 2022.

Google said the new price tag was based on “trusted information from local authorities.” The new Google Maps feature captures the toll pass and time of day when calculating cost. How to blur a photo background on iPhone

Also, the app has a ‘avoid tolls’ version that will help the user calculate routes. Google Maps was previously used to alert users to travel expenses, but not to calculate the actual cost.

According to Google, the new feature is available on “nearly 2000” toll roads in the US, India, Indonesia and Japan for all Android and iOS handset users. How to install iOS 16 Developer Preview on Apple iPhone | iOS 16 Features

Google has also stated that they will be merging their operations in other countries soon.


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