Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th November 2022 Written Update: Vinayak’s wish shocks Chavans

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

The episode starts with Savi thinking about Vinayak and asking Usha if he convinced Virat to adopt her or not? She falls asleep and Usha lets her sleep. Meanwhile, Sai comes there and starts packing to leave Nagpur. She decides to secretly take Savi back to Kankavli without telling her, while Usha says that they are doing the latter wrong and states that she will be sad to find out. Sai says she is helpless and has no other option. She says she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt anymore.

Here Sai insists on his decision while Jagtap calls Ush and asks about the matter. He asks why they are suddenly moving back to Kankavli? To which Usha asks her to stay away from their problem. She expresses her interest in Savi and reminds them of the situation when they tried to separate her from Vinayaka earlier.

Jagtap warns Usha to be careful with Savi as she cuts the call and asks him and his father to stay away from the matter. Meanwhile, Sai marries Savi and they all move out of the house. She hands the keys to the landlord as he warns her of the bad weather and advises her not to leave in that condition.

Elsewhere Sai shows his gratitude to the landlord for his concern and then continues on his way. She also remembers how she buried the ring Virat gave her in the mud and becomes emotional after seeing the place. She touches the half and cries while Usha feels bad for her. While Pakhi prepares Vinayak in a tuxedo and shows her joy at his victory.

Pakhi states that she and Virat both love Vinayak. While he says that he wants to ask them for a wish as well, while Pakhi agrees to fulfill all his wishes. He states that he will say it in front of everyone and asks her to get ready quickly. He goes down while Pakhi also gets dressed.

Pakhi smiles and decides to express her feelings to Virat. Everyone gathers in the hall while Vinayak is surprised to see the cake. Harini asked what they will sing while whispering in each other’s ear and starts cheering for Vinayak. He is excited and thanks his family for doing so much. While Bhavani praises Pakhi.

Bhavani says that Virat must think of them leaving so that he can have an affair with Pakhi, while Ashwini laughs at her statement. Meanwhile, Vinayak brings something and asks Virat to sign it. She talks about her wish to adopt Savi while everyone is shocked. At that time, Jagtap comes to the Chavan mansion drunk.

Further, Virat and other family members get furious after seeing Jagtap and warn him to leave. They recall how he killed Samrat while Omkar started beating him. Jagtap insists they listen to him and says he is there to talk about Savi. Pakhi sends Vinayaka inside the room while Virat gets furious with Jagtap and accuses him and his father of alleging Sai’s character. He loses his cool and throws Jagtap out of the house while Bhavani starts to suspect that what Jagtap was trying to tell Virat.

Introduction: Virat forces his team to arrest Sai while she tries to break free. He confronts her and states that she is under arrest for forcing her way into his house and slapping him. She goes on to say that she also kidnapped the girl and kept her away from her father. He asks his team to take her away while Bhavani and Sonali smile seeing Sai in trouble. While Pakhi is shocked and feels bad for Sai.


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