Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st March 2023 Written Update: Pakhi and Sai become friends


The episode starts with Pakhi spotting Virat serving food on 2 plates in the room. Pakhi asks why she is serving on 2 plates and asks if anyone is joining. Virat says I know you didn’t eat anything since morning, so eat it. Pakhi offers him a bite and says you may not have it, so eat. Virat says he will eat later and asks her to have it. Pakhi thanks Virat and says his small deeds matter to her. She says whatever she did is for their family. Virat says it is wrong to break someone else’s family and build ours and you tried to separate my children from me and I can never forget that. Pakhi says she can explain. Virat refuses to listen to anything and warns her to stay away from him. He says he can’t stay in the same room with her. Pakhi says she can’t leave her alone in the middle and reminds her promise. Virat says his heart is tired and leaves.

Bhavani makes Saavi make a video message. She texts everyone and calls them near the dinner table to celebrate her mother’s success. Saavi and Bhavani are waiting for everyone. Saavi says she will eat with all her family members. Everyone comes except Vin. Saavi says she can’t eat without Vinu. I blame the donuts there. Saavi says wow this is my first dimmer with my family. Sai, Vinayak and Sai serve food to Saavi. Saavi happily eats it. Vinayak takes a bite of the food and offers it to Sai which surprises everyone. Sai happily eats it. She says this moment is the best in her life. Virat asks Vinayaka how his anger has reduced. Vinayak said twice that Sai aunt saved mom and it hurts me when mom said that Sai hurt her, later I called Satya to know what happened and he cleared me that the pain Sai gave to Pakhi is to save her . Vinayak hugs Sai and thanks her for saving his mother. Sai hugs him back.

Vinayak tells Sai that he thought her a witch but she is a fairy. He kisses her hand. Pakhi comes there. Vinayak asks Sai to never separate him from his mother. Sai looks on. Pakhi calls Vinu. Vinayak asks Pakhi to join them for dinner. Pakhi refuses but Vinu insists on her and brings her before Sai. Vinayak tells Pakhi that she misunderstood Sai and says that Sai saved her and she will not separate them. He asks Pakhi to reconcile with Sai. Saavi asks Sai to make peace. Vinayak and Saavi force Sai and Pakhi to make peace by giving each other sweets. Sai offers sweets to Pakhi. Pakhi apologizes to Sai. Sai says its fine. Pakhi eats the sweet and then feeds it to Sai. Bhavani is shocked and other family members feel happy and clap along with the kids. Sonali tells Karishma that it is difficult to be friends with Sautan and they have to see how many days they can stay as friends.

The episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi tells Virat that she wants to start a new life with him. Virat says he also wants to tell her something. He says he can’t live with her anymore and wants to separate from her to marry Sai. He happily goes to see Sai but is shocked to see something.


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