Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 28th March 2023 Written Update: Pakhi accuses Sai


The episode begins with the judge asking for a trial. Pakhia’s lawyer says that Sai deliberately removed Pakhia’s womb to take revenge on her and she took her right away to become a mother. Pakhi says Sai and Pulkit made me a burden to my family by doing hysterectomy to take revenge and they don’t deserve to call doctors. The judge asks Sai and Pulkit if they want to say anything. Sai says Pakhi’s allegations against us are wrong and it is urgent so we have done surgery to save her. Satya takes permission and asks Sai and Pulkit why they broke the protocol. Sai says it was an emergency so we did it to save the patient’s life. Satya asks why you didn’t let the patient die. Sai says they take an oath to save the patient’s life. The judge supports Sai and asks Satya why she is asking this way.

Satya says he wants to prove that Sai and Pulkit have done their work well. The lawyer says they had to do the surgery twice and it shows how incompetent these doctors are. Sai says they did the second surgery because of Pakhi’s irresponsibility. The lawyer asks Sai if he has proof. Virat says he is proof. She reveals to the court that Pakhi did not rest and that her carelessness is the cause of the second operation. Family members support Virat. The judge asks Pakhi if what Virat is saying is right. Pakhi says yes but I stopped taking medicine because of Sai and she broke me completely and wants to take away my son and husband that’s why Sai gave me hysterectomy. Sai says she is not interested in Virat and lets talk about the case. Sai says she didn’t know during the surgery that Pakhi’s adopted son is her biological son.

The lawyer asks Sai if she is not interested in Virat then why is she staying in her ex-husband’s house? Sai says I am staying in Chavan nivas for my son not for Virat. The lawyer says you are interested in my client’s family. The lawyer says that Sai has admitted her interest and because of this she has carelessly operated on my client and removed her uterus, so please revoke Sai’s medical license and transfer this case to criminal proceedings. Satya says Pakhi’s lawyer is right and asks the judge to allow him. The judge will let him.

Satya asks Virat if he really gave Sai CPR as Pakhi mentioned. Virat says yes. Satya asks Virat to tell in what situation they found Pakhi. Virat says we went to the jungle where we saw Sai fighting the crocodile to save Pakhi. Pakhi says it could also be wrong as there is no proof. Satya has the court’s permission to question Pakhi and says he will prove Sai wrong. Bhavani says why Satya is against Sai. Virat says Satya and Sai don’t like each other. Satya asks Pakhi how he thinks about Sai as a person.

The episode ends.

Precap – Dr. Satya asks Pakhi provocative questions that force her to reveal her true intentions. The judge gives a verdict in Sai’s favor. Virat congratulates Sai. Pakhi walks alone in pain.


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