Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th March 2023 Written Update: Satya supports Sai in the court


The episode starts with Gauri asking Satya what is going on with Sai in the dhaba. He asks if they are going on a date. Satya handles the situation and asks her to tell him why she called her. He hears his parents calling for help. Everyone gathers around the child and sees white foam coming out of his mouth. Satya remembers how Girija died in the same way and falls unconscious. Later, Sai drives the bike so Satya sits next to her. He mocks her for being patient when treating patients. Satya asks her not to tease him.

The next day, Bhavani feeds Sai sweet curd as luck before leaving for court. Sonali says that Bhavani used to feed Virat when he went for selection and after a long time she used to feed Sai.
Pakhi accepts Ashwini’s blessings and asks Ashwini to feed her sweet curd. Ashwini refuses and says she will not support bad. He asks her to reconsider her decision. Pakhi says this is the last option left for me. Ninad, Omi and other family members wish Sai all the best. They say Virat is missing. Pakhi says he is missing since last night. Bhavani says he will come at the right time and you don’t have to worry. They are about to leave. Vinayak comes there and feeds Pakhi sweet curd and wishes her all the best for her exam. Pakhi feels happy and thanks him. She says no one can stop her success now.

In court, the judge asks if everyone present in court is related to the case. Lawyer says everyone is here except Virat. The judge asks if he knows about the court hearing or not. Virat comes there and apologizes for his late arrival. The judge asks them to start the proceedings. The medical board member complains that Bhavani tried to influence the bench and asks them to prioritize Sai and Dr. Pulkit. The lawyer asks her to tell what happened. The councilor reveals how Bhavani proposed to give her land if she favors Sai and Pulkit. Virat asks Bhavani why she did this. The judge decided to enter a guilty plea. The judge begins his verdict. Sai and Pulkit are tensed.

Virat apologizes to the judge from Bhavani’s side and reveals to the judge that Sai is not aware of Bhavani’s act and please also listen to Sai’s side story and some people are coming here from konkoli so please hear their testimony and give the verdict. Konkoli people are revealing how Sai has helped them in several ways. The lawyer asks Virat what he wants to prove by bringing them. Virat says Sai is a good human being and he cares for his patients and he won’t do anything wrong to his patient so don’t call it a bad act and give Sai one chance to prove her innocence. Satya also supports Sai and says he is taking her guarantee and asks the judge to give Sai a chance. The judge says the medical board member supports Sai, so the court is giving her one chance. Sai thanks the judge.

The episode ends.

Precap – Satya questions Pakhi and forces her to reveal her intentions. Later, Pakhi walks alone in pain. Virat congratulates Sai.


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