Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 26th March 2023 Written Update: Sai accompanies Satya in the investigation process


The episode starts with Virat telling Satya ‘you are a doctor appointed by the medical board and handling Sai’s case right?’ Satya asks who gave him this information. He says he is giving more trouble to Sai. He asks if he came to increase the problem for Sai. Virat says he is coming to help Sai. Satya says his entry will make the case worse. Sai takes Virat outside and asks him not to get involved in the investigation. Sai goes inside and asks Satya to continue the investigation. Satya asks why Virat is acting like her current husband. Sai says no such thing and tries to explain. Satya starts the answering machine and asks her to tell Pati, Patni and woh.

Later, Satya sleeps and listens to Sai’s confession. Maddy hears a voice recording. He sees Sai’s related things and calls out to everyone. Satya wakes up and asks what they are doing in his room. They ask if he will marry her. Satya says he is studying her case but they don’t believe him, so Satya asks them to think about what they want and closes the door in their face. Family ladies think Sai looks good. Amba says she saw Sai directly.

Virat asks Savi many things. Savi tells him that she doesn’t remember. She asks him if Sai is okay as he looks tensed. Virat assures him that he will sort everything out. He sends Savi to sleep. Bhavani comes there and asks Virat to learn things from Sai’s other officers. Virat says he will complicate everything and says he will go to Konkoli. Bhavani asks why.

The next day, Satya asks Sai to go with him to investigate her case. Sai is surprised at first, then agrees to go with him. She gets on his bike and rides off. Virat notices everything. Satya mocks Sai on the way. Sai says I apologized to you for not understanding you, so leave regarding Sheetal matter. Satya says I am sorry as I am a committee member. Sai asks him to stop the bike. She explains to him that she is not afraid of the investigation and has already apologized to him for judging him. Satya says ok and asks her to sit. They are leaving.

On the way, Savi tells the way to Virat for Konkoli. Virat thanks Savi for her help. Savi asks him not to thank her and says it’s a picnic for her as they go to Konkoli. She asks him not to tell Sai about her picnic. He says it’s a promise. He mentally promises to save Sai. Sai takes Satya to the hospital where Pakhi was operated on. Satya asks her to investigate the case. Later, Satya scolds the shop owner for not preparing paneer well and then teaches how to prepare Kolapur paneer. Sai tells Satya that they are late. Satya says she is coming and asks her not to disturb him as she prepares delicious food for him. Sai says they are coming late. That’s when Gauri calls Satya. She sees Sai on a video call and asks Satya what they are doing together and asks if they have started making love.

The episode ends.

Precap – Bhavani feeds Sai sweet curd. Pakhi asks Ashwini to feed her but Ashwini denies it. In court, the verdict shocks everyone.


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