Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th March 2023 Written Update: Pakhi agrees to take back the complaint on a shocking condition!

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

The episode starts with Satya’s grandmother and aunt praising Satya. Satya says you all have taken blessings from your idol so leave me now. Satya takes blessings from Nani. Nani says don’t touch my feet Sattu, my blessings are always with you. Satya says don’t call me Sattu. Gouri (satya’s aunt) says you are our Sattu. Satya calls Gouri as mausi to tease her. They all laugh and then go to the puja. Satya keeps calling Gouri as mausi. Here Bhawani says I don’t understand what is the issue in this case? Pulkit says let me explain. Pulkit says Pakhi filed a case against me and Sai that when we operated on her we deliberately took out her uterus which was our bad intention for her and not medical decisions, this is such a critical case that there will be one medical and one legal. . in case, this will destroy our professional life, our licenses can be revoked, all our hard work to get here, our reputation our name will all be over, our career will be officially over. Virat says how van Pakhi did something so bad, this is such low thinking, I can’t believe she did this.

Sai says Pakhi doesn’t know me that I will fight this case for my Vinayak. Here Satya is teased about Sai and Gouri says take extra prasad for Sai. Satya says its nothing like that. Satya gets a call from a senior who informs him about a medical negligence case against Sai. Satya is shocked. Here Virat comes to Pakhi and shouts at her. He stops seeing Vinayaka. Pakhi sends Vina to play with Savi. Blame it. Pakhi says in which way to talk to me? Virat says what did you do? Pakhi says what did I do? Virat says you filed a case right? Pakhi says you are a cop and you must have understood the notice. Virat says how can you file such a low complaint against Sai? Pakhi says I did good because I got bad, I know the pain I went through. Virat says I signed those papers where I gave consent for Sai to remove your womb. Pakhi goes from there. Downstairs in front of everyone Virat asks Pakhi to take the case back. Pakhi says why will I? You gave your consent, but who suggested removing my uterus?

Virat says Sai yes but because our motive was to save you and you were not in your right mind. Pakhi says Sai just tried to take everything left from me after that surgery, everything changed, Bhavani got Sai in the house and treats her so well because she realized I can’t give her this family’s hier, everyday you will fall in love with Sai and Vinu who thought that Sai is evil now agrees to celebrate Gudi Padwa with her. Pakhi says Sai always got what she wanted, but now she is looking at my husband and child, so I won’t sit quietly, this is happening as I can’t become a mother as I don’t have womb. Pakhi says she also slept with you yesterday. Sai says stop, we slept with our kids in the middle, you have a problem with Vinu hugging me and sleeping, you should be happy that your child is no longer afraid of anyone and sleeps peacefully, instead you have fear which is unnecessary and more Before you point the finger at my figure, think twice and Dr. it is my identity that you are trying to take from me.

Pakhi says I lost everything as a wife, daughter in law and now mother, I always kept silent and thought that at least I have Vina with me and now he is also leaving me. Virat says this fear of yours makes everyone leave you, you are unreasonable Pakhi. Pakhi says you just say that. Virat says Pulkit and Sai tried to save you when everyone else gave up. The whole family looks at Pakhi with anger and disappointment. Pakhi says Sai has this attitude as he has children with you and I can’t as I don’t have womb. Virat asks Pakhi to take back the complaint. Pakhi says I will take it back on one condition that Sai will give me back my identity, I will be wife to you and mother to Vina and then Sai will leave this city and house. Everyone is shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap – Sai comes to talk to Satya as he heads the investigation committee for the case against him. Satya accuses Sai of doing the operation on the family members. Virat comes to Sai’s defense but Satya disapproves.


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