Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi gets into an accident

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

The episode starts with Savi and Vinayak arriving at the fair by watching several people. When they get there, they are excited and decide to find their missing parents. Vinayak expresses his interest in Savi and asks her to eat something as she was hungry, which she denies and asks her not to waste time eating. She states that they need to find his real parents as soon as possible, while he agrees with her and states that they will find her father as well. They don’t know where to start looking while a couple comes there and asks them to go towards the announcement area to find someone.

Here Vinayak and Savi are enjoying together and showing everyone their board. He keeps yelling at his parents to come over there. Meanwhile, Virat also reaches the fair along with Sai and Pakhi. She calls Chavans and asks where they are while Bhavani assures her that they will reach soon. Everyone is worried about the children while Pakhi cries and thinks about Vinayaka.

Pakhi holds Virat, showing her concern for her son, while Sai also holds him, showing her tension about Savi. He looks at both of them and assures that he will find both children soon. He gives his assurance to Sai and Pakhi and then starts looking for them in the fair. They keep asking people about the kids by showing their pictures.

Elsewhere, Sai is crying but still motivated to find her daughter. While Savi and Vinayak see a lady talking to two children. He tells them that he will help them find their parents and take them with him. Savi tells Vinayak that she can help them learn about their parents, while Vinayak agrees with her and follows them.

The lady gives the two boys juice with thorns and leads them away from the pilgrimage. They are suspicious of her and wonder why she took them out. He makes some excuses but the boys try to run away but he suddenly falls unconscious. He asks his partners to leave the kids in the car while Savi and Vinayak are shocked to see this.

Savi and Vinayak in the front claim that the lady is evil and get scared. They regret their decision and decide to ask for help to get back to their house. Savi stops Vinayak from walking after seeing the pain in his legs. She herself decides to go to bring help, but falls on the way. A gang of child traffickers sees her and kidnaps her while Vinayak is stunned.

Vinayak decides to save Savi and the other children and thinks of a plan. The fools car got a puncture and the lady asked her partners to fix it. Meanwhile, Vinayak gets into the car and reassures Savi. The parents of the abducted children worry about them, while Virat discovers that the child traffickers are on a pilgrimage.

Pakhi calls Vinayak and goes to look for him while Sai follows her. Pakho stands in front of a car of child traffickers as they run her over. He gets into an accident, all Sai comes there and is shocked to see it. While Savi and Vinayak were also basking in the sun and kept shouting Pakhi’s name.

Precap:- Lady slaps Sai and she slaps her back. Vinayak continues to fight the goons. While Pakhi opens the car but is shocked to not find Savi and Vinayaka. Everyone is worried about them while Chavans is stunned to see the children standing near the burning statue of Raavan. The kids get scared as Vinayak holds Savi tight to protect her while Sai along with Virat and Pakhi shout their name tensely.


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