Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st November 2022 Written Update: Sai encourages Vinayak for the racing competition

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

The episode starts with Virat deciding to take Vinayaka to the police training camp. He declares that his couch will help Vinayak escape and asks him to get ready. While Vinayak informs Savi about this and she insists him to take her with him. Vinayak hands over the phone to Virat as he asks and wishes to come with them. She recalls her dream of becoming a policewoman and wants to attend boot camp. While Virat tries to find some excuse to deny her.

Here Virat tells Savi that the training camp is far from their place and so Savi can’t go there. She declares that she can handle it and proposes to him, while he somehow makes her understand that he will take her another time, stating that they are only focusing on Vinayak’s training at the moment.

Savi wishes Vinayak all the best and encourages him to do his best. While Sai prays before God while Savi insists to take her to the police training camp along with Virat and Vinayak. She tells about the excuse Virat made to Savi while Sai thinks he doesn’t want her or Savi to get close to Vinayaka. He worries about the other and thinks how he could run with such hard training.

Elsewhere, Sai asks Savi not to be stubborn and says she can’t go to boot camp. Savi keeps urging her mother and tries to get her to agree, but Sai remains firm in her decision and denies Savi. He scolds her and sends her away to the room. Savi gets upset with Sai and mumbles that everyone keeps cursing her.

Virat brings Vinayak and Pakhi to the police training camp and introduces them to his couch. The latter comes to know about Vinayak’s condition and shows his trust in him. He assures that Vinayak will definitely start racing and win the race too. Meanwhile, Vinayak talks bad about the couch while Pakhi stops him and asks him to give him a chance.

Ahead, the couch starts Vinayak’s training and asks him to run away. He tries his best, but he couldn’t run properly. Pakhi and Virat are worried about him but keep encouraging him. Couch stops Vinayaka and says that if he runs in that direction, he will not be able to succeed. He forces Vinayaka to remove his braces saying that it is stopping him from running. Vinayak removed his braces and started running again with great difficulty.

Vinayak falls while Pakhi asks Virat that if training is good for Vinayak? She doubts seeing her son fighting while Virat asks her not to doubt his decision. He shouts some encouraging words for Vinayaka again as the couch adds some weights to Vinayaka and asks him to run away. Pakhi tenses up as he falls and hisses in pain. Pakhi stops the training while the couch says that he can’t in between and gives Vinayak time to rest and declares that they will continue training after that.

Next, Sai gets tensed over Vinayak and decides to visit him. He goes to the training camp and looks at Vinayaka. He hides from the others and talks to Vinayak through the call. She advises him to have soft knees and encourages him to run for Savi. She remembers his promise to her and keeps hearing Sai’s words of encouragement. She goes to the ground and finally runs, all Pakhi confront Sai and show her gratitude for helping him. While everyone is excited to see Vinayak running effortlessly.

Precap:- Virat fights with Jagtap and holds his collar. He declares that he will teach him a lesson while Jagtap reveals to him the truth about Savi being his daughter. Virat is shocked and returns from Jagtap. While Sai decides to leave the city along with Savi. She was about to get on the train when Virat comes there and holds Savi’s hand to stop her from going. Meanwhile, Sai and Virat look at each other and Virat is shocked.


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