Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st April 2023 Written Update: Sai’s shocking realization


The episode starts with Virat, Sai and Pakhi unable to sleep in their rooms and thinking about the recent events. The next day, Pakhi wakes up Vina. She tells him that she has to get ready for school. Vinu sees the time and asks why she woke him up early. Pakhi says she wants to do something for doctor aunt to make her happy. Vinayak asks what can they give her. Pakhi says she has to gift something that will make Sai feel that she is the protector of their family. Vinayak gets an idea and shares it or with Pakhi. Pakhi likes this.

Later, Saavi asks Vin if he completed his science project. Vinu says yes. Pakhi comes there and gives them tiffin boxes. Saavi asks if she prepared for her too. Pakhi says you are like family as you are Vinu’s sister so you are my daughter too. She apologizes to Saavi for breaking her name tag. Saavi says its fine. Sai will come there. Vinayak presents her with a hand-made card showing that she is a fairy and the protector of their family. Sai feels emotional. Pakhi tells Sai that she has no problem with her stats with them. He apologizes to Sai for his past behavior. Virat smiles seeing them.

Sai goes to the hospital and sits in his room. Sai gets emotional seeing Vinayaka’s thoughtful gift. Sai thinks he can’t separate Vinayak from Pakhi as he loves Pakhi so much and he forgave me when he knew I saved his mom. Satya, Surva and the sisters warmly welcome Sai with their dance. Sai feels excited. Satya asks Sai to distribute her happiness. Sai asks how. Satya asks her to give them ice cream. Sai agrees. Everyone leaves. Sai stops Satya and thanks him for making her son understand the situation. Satya says he won’t let her forget the help he did for her. Sai says she has already returned his favor by helping him reach his house when he falls unconscious in the dhaba. Satya feels stressed and leaves.

Virat fails the thread milling test as he thinks about Pakhi. The doctor stops the treadmill. He says he failed the stress test and asks him to relax and asks him to think which makes him happy. Virat thinks about Sai and then his heart returns to normal. The doctor shows him the difference and asks him to work out his tension by talking and expressing himself to avoid stress. Virat thinks it is difficult.

Sai goes to Satya’s cabin. He notices that Satya is not there and he also forgets the phone in the cabin. Surva comes there and tells Sai that Satya left as he is not well. Sai asks why he is suddenly falling ill. She tells him that she will meet Satya at his place. Virat returns home and decides to tell the truth to Pakhi that he wants to divorce her. She enters the room and sees the sorry notes on the mirror made by Pakhi.

The episode ends.

Precap – Pakhi tells Virat that she wants to start a new life with him. Virat says he also wants to tell her something. He says he can’t live with her anymore and wants to separate from her to marry Sai. He happily goes to see Sai but is shocked to see something.


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