Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th October 2022 Written Update: Sai gets into trouble


The episode starts with Virat and Pakhi getting shocked after seeing Vinayak’s condition. He says he knows the truth about his adoption and then locks himself in the washroom. Pakhi and Virat are tensed and cry seeing Vinayaka’s pain. They try to convince him but fail because he denies opening the door for them. Pakhi claims that they always love him as their own child and declares that he is the most important person in their lives, but Vinayak refuses to believe this and asks if he was wrong that his own parents didn’t want to accept him?

Here, Pakhi answers Vinayak’s question in the negative and declares that he is the best child a parent can have. She tries to calm him down with her words, but he remains unconvinced. Meanwhile, Pakhi is confused that how did Sai come to know about the truth that Vinayak is an orphan? He doubts the orphanage lady and states that she must have told Sai the truth.

Pakhi gets furious with both the orphanage lady and Sai and decides to confront them but Virat stops her. He informs her that he was the one who told Sai about Vinayak’s adoption. She is shocked to find out about this and lashes out at him for breaking their promise. She reminds him that they chose not to tell anyone but their family, and says that they’re not even used to discussing it.

Elsewhere, Virat calms Pakhi and replies that he didn’t mean to tell Sai but it accidentally fell out of his mouth. She states that she wasn’t ready to accept the job at the orphanage, so he tells her about it to convince her. Pakhi expresses her anger towards Sai for hurting their son and states that he is insensitive, that she didn’t even think about the child.

Ashwini hears their conversation and then goes downstairs while Virat calls Sai as he picks up his call. He roars at her for telling the truth to Vinayak. He berates her while she denies it. She then remembers her conversation with Usha and is stunned. She tells Virat about it while he scolds her for discussing it with others.

Sai feels guilty for his act and then decides to rectify the situation. Virat calls the orphanage and discusses the situation with her. He says it happens and kids react in a similar way. He asks him to give time to Vinayak to deal with the situation. While the Chavans get angry with Sai for disturbing their peace.

Pakhi tries to convince Vinayaka to open the door but he still ignores her. He collapses with sentiment and cries. She expresses her love and care to Vinayak, but he denies being persuaded and thinks about the matter of adoption. Meanwhile, Sai comes there and Chavans gets angry seeing her. Virat attacks her while she states that she wants to reduce her guilt by helping them convince Vinayaka.

Next, Karishma informs Pakhi about Sai’s arrival as Sai walks down the stairs. While Chavans scolds and scolds Sai for being insensitive towards the child. Sai tries to explain but no one hears her. Pakhi comes there and pushes Sai away from the door. Virat stops him while Sai says he understands Pakhi’s feelings. That Sai reprimands and expresses her attachment to Vinayak.

Introduction: Savi and Vinayak go to find their lost parents. They hold a stall and look for their parents while Savi assures Vinayaka that she will find both her father and mother soon, assuring her that she will get his father as well. At that time, he sees the fire burning the statue of Raavan. It was about to fall as they both freaked out.


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