Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Sai asks Virat how he found Vinayak. Virat says that someone plucked one vinayak from him and God gave him a chance to embrace another vinayak. She says that it is not in their hands to change their past, but she can change the future of the children of the orphanage and she should accept the job. She hopes to keep Vinayak’s secret about the adoption a secret. Both return to Bhavani and Pakhi. Bhavani frowns seeing them together. Pakhi recalls Bhavani’s warning not to let Sai back into Virat’s life. Bhavani asks what would she say now. Swati asks Sai if everything is decided can they continue? At the club, Harini gets her picture taken by a photographer who asks if she is ready to become a model and the future Mrs. Nagpur. Harini says she is destined for it. The photographer boasts that he has trained Nagpur’s past lady and offers her drugs. Harini looks shocked.

Swati asks Sai and Virat to open a pediatric center. Sai says Vinayak’s parents should inaugurate the event as they deserve it. Virat gets a call from the DIG who asks him to raid the club. There’s a drug party going on right now. Vinayak says this club is nearby, he will go there right away and attack. The photographer insists that Harini try drugs. She refuses, but then gives up and is about to take drugs when Virat and his team raid the club. Harini hides seeing him and runs away from there. Virat notices this and checks the CCTV footage. He suspects the girl of being a major drug dealer and asks the constable if he can identify the girl. Constable says he will when he sees her face.

The officers follow Harini. Harini hides in Sai’s car and is shocked that he identifies her. Sai asks how can she enter when she is already present in the car. Harini calls her Sai Maami and reminds her that she is Pulkit and Devi’s daughter Harini. Sai Gets Happy Identifying Her And Hugs Her. Harini asks the auto driver to speed up. Sai notices the constable behind the car and asks what’s going on. Harini reveals the whole story. Sai says she needn’t worry as she didn’t do anything wrong and should seek her family’s help. Harini says no one understands her in Chavan Nivas except Virat and everyone is rude to her. Sai consoles her and drops her home.

Bhavani returns home and discusses with the family about supporting Virat Sai. The family is busy with their favorite past time cursing Sai and deciding not to let her come between Virat and Pakhi’s lives. Virat notices Sai outside his house and asks what he is doing here. She says she came to drop Harini. Virat reminds that she promises not to interfere in his personal life and asks when she met Harini. Sai says Just In The Evening And As A Concern, She Dropped Her Home. Virat keeps reminding her of her duties and warns her to only be professional and never come close to his family. Sai reminds that he begged her to take the job or she wasn’t ready, she knows her limits and will follow them etc.

Introduction: Sai feels down when he sees Savi and Vinayaka celebrating Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary and singing Papa Ko Mummy Se Mummy Lo Papa Se Pyaar Haiā€¦


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