Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Sai’s colleague asks if he thinks Virat would be able to deliver a child successfully. Cavani prays to God for Pakhi’s safe delivery. They discuss whether Virat can succeed in delivering the child. Sonali says they are far from home when they are needed the most. Karishma asks if she should call Virat and check. Shivani asks No, Sai must be in touch with Virat. Rajiv says it’s good that both Sai and Virat are doing Pakhi’s delivery. Virat asks Pakhi to keep pushing. Pakhi collapses. Virat gets tensed and informs Sai that Pakhi is not talking. Sai Says She Got Tired And Collapsed And Asks Him To Sprinkle Water On Her Face And Wake Her Up. Virat does but Pakhi doesn’t wake up. Sai Freezes In Tension. Virat asks Sai what should he do now and tries his best to help Pakhi and breaks down. He asks Sai to please speak and tell him how to make Pakhi conscious and deliver their baby.

Sai’s colleague shakes Sai and brings her back to her senses. Sai asks Virat to keep trying to wake up Pakhi and says they would have done a vacuum delivery if Pakhi was in the hospital. Virat asks what he means. Sai says they can do vacuum delivery at home too. A colleague reminds that there is no power in Pakhi’s house. Sai asks Virat to use his car’s vacuum and sends him a sample video. Virat watches the video and says vacuum cleaner pressure would be very high. Sai Say’s vacuum cleaner pressure won’t be that high and asks him to tape the piston to his nozzle and use it. She does the same and performs vacuum deliveries and successfully delivers a baby boy.

Sai sees this emotionally. She then teaches Virat to cut the umbilical cord. Virat does the same and feels happy. Sai asks him to take care of the baby and hopes that Pakhi is just unconscious and nothing else. Virat asks him to reach home soon. He is about to leave when he notices that the baby is not crying and asks him to rub the baby’s back. Baby is not responding. Sai asks him to do chest compressions. Virat does. Sai prays that God saves her Vinayak. Vinayak reacts and cries vigorously. Virat is happy and says their baby is crying. Sai is also happy, saying that she loves Virat and has their child safely on Earth. Virat says they both do.

Sai reaches home and informs Virat that she has informed the entire family that they are having a baby boy. She Gets More Emotional Holding Bab In Her And Pampers It. The child holds Virat’s finger. Virat is feeling happy. Sai praises Virat for successfully bringing his child into the world and says that the union of Virat and Vinayak would be very unique. Virat nicknames Baby As Vinu. Sai notices that Pakhi is still unconscious and asks Virat to take the baby away while she visits Pakhi. She pampers Pakhi and just wants to tell her one thing and forget all the differences between them that she is grateful to her for bringing the child into the world.

Introduction: Sai is arrested by Pakhi for tricking her and becoming a surrogate even after her warning and risking the child’s life. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong but he is a family member. Sai says he won’t spare anyone who supports Pakhi and even gets them arrested. Virat asks if he can arrest him.
Sai says that if he tries to bring Sai back to this house, she and her child will leave him and his house permanently.


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