Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Pakhi talks to Savi on phone and asks if she can talk to her elder. Savi gives the phone to Ush. Usha Speaks To Pakhi And Says She Feels She Heard Her Voice Before. Pakhi says she might hear a similar voice as she has never visited her village in her life. He asks if it is okay if they visit there for Vinayak’s treatment. Usha says they are welcome whenever patients visit the event at night. Pakhi Thanks Her And Tells Vinayak That Speaks So Cute. Vinayak says he will love Savi. Virat returns with gifts and brings a travel pillow for Pakhi.

The midwife informs Hariya that he has given birth to a baby girl and both the baby and Gayatri are fine thanks to Dr. Sai’s efforts. He praises Sai’s timely action and expertise in saving Gayatri and her child. Hariya is emotional. The MLA’s aide stops him. Sai Brings Baby Out And Tells Hariya That He Got A Lakshmi Home. The midwife says Sai is right that they should build a hospital in their village. MLa’s aide says his doctor’s blessings and not Sai’s hard work. Sai says that God’s blessings are always on them, but they have to work on their own to improve their lives. He says if there was a hospital in their village, they would have operated on Gayatri and not risk her life. MLA Watches Them Hiding And Thinks Sai Is A Big Trouble For Him And He Needs To Get Rid Off Her Soon.

Savi prepares Modak for Vinayak and Virat. Sai returns home and feels excited to see Modak. Sai Stops Her And Says Its For Vinayak And His Baba As They Are Coming For Vinayak’s Treatment. Sai asks her to stop joking. Savi says she can ask Usha. Usha says that Vinayak’s mother spoke to her and said that she is bringing Vinayak here for treatment. Sai is feeling happy. Savi talks about the bravery of Vinayak’s father and hopes that her father is brave like him. Sai says he is talking about his father again. Savi says she was talking about Vinayak’s father. Their discussion continues.

Virat And Pakhi Get Ready To Travel. Virat feels sad that he is not taking Pakhi on his honeymoon first. Pakhi says their son’s treatment is necessary first. Mohit walks in and calls her down. He informs the whole family about a business problem where a client has filed a false case against them. She says she needs Pakhi’s help as only she can solve this problem. Bhavani says Pakhi should visit Kankauli. Omkar assures that they will solve the problem by mutual compromise. Mohit says they can’t accept Cleint’s transgressions and need to give a strong answer to the client. After much drama, Pakhi agrees to stay back and let Vinayaka and Virat visit Kankauli. Virat praises her sacrifice.

Introduction: Pakhi calls Virat and asks if they have reached Savi’s house. Virat Says He Came To A Ganapati Celebration Venue as Savi and Her Mother are There. Said dances with Vinayak while Virat dances with Savi. It’s starting to rain. Virat and Sai are shocked to see each other.’

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