Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Vinayak falls during running practice and tells Virat that he cannot run and would disappoint Virat Sai. Virat notices his injured knee and helps him walk. Omkar brings 3 tickets for Kankauli and Gadchiroli and gives them to Bhavani. Bhavani says let Sai and her daughter go wherever they want, she can even give both of them a third place ticket. He calls Pakhi and tells her that the whole family would leave Nagpur to let Virat and Pakhi spend time together alone. She prays that God will help Vinayak to win the running race soon. Vinayak brings the injured Vinayak. Sonali asks if he fell somewhere. Virat nods Yes. Writhing in pain, Vinayak says he wants to win the race at any cost and make Sai, Savi and others proud of him. Pakhi gets worried and says she will call Sai to check on Vinayak. Virat stops her and says Sai will not visit Vinu.

Savi notices Sai crying and asks the reason. Sai says she couldn’t sleep well and that’s why her eyes are swollen. Savi asks why is he lying. Sai says he’s not lying and not answering a question doesn’t mean he’s lying. Savi says she said she is her Aaba, so why is she lying; She knows she went from rickshaw to crying. She Then Makes Her Laugh With Your Wit. Virat tries to give first aid to Vinayak’s injury. Vinayak says he wants to be treated only by Sai. Virat He Can’t Take Him To Just Nobody, He Feeling Hurt When Vinayak Is Hurt. Apply Antiseptic. Vinayak says it hurts a lot and asks Pakhi to explain Virat. Virat says Vinayak must be strong, he should trust his baba. Vinayak says he will seek advice on escape from Sai. Pakhi says she can visit Sai when Virat takes him for training.

Virat tells Vinayak that he will not visit Sai. Pakhi says Vinayaka’s race is in 2 days, how will he train for it. Virat says that the best trainers of the Police Academy would train Vinayaka and says that even he was not able to complete the police training, but then he decided to complete the training with his will power. He asks Vinayak if Cadet Vinayak Chavan is ready for training tomorrow at 5:15. Vinayak agrees. Pakhi asks Virat if she can talk to him alone, asks Vinayak to finish his milk and sleep and takes Vinayak out. She asks what is going on in his mind, there are only 2 days left for Vinayaka’s race, he can’t destroy Vinayaka’s dream because of his mistress, so tomorrow he will take Vinayaka to Sai for training. Virat says he won’t do that as he already met Sai and asked her about her and Jagthap’s relationship, he can never humiliate a woman but Sai took it negatively and humiliated him brutally. He asks if she wants to visit the woman who insulted her husband.

Pakhi says only 2 days left for Vinayak race. Virat asks if she doesn’t believe him. She says yes. He says he has to shoulder his responsibility and burden himself and not rely on anyone, especially Sai; He doesn’t want Sai in their lives again; Vinayak realizes what he is thinking; He needs Pakhi’s support. Pakhi agrees and says they will both train Vinayak. Virat says he wanted to hear this from her, she has done him a big favor by supporting her, she will win their Vina for sure. The next morning, Vinayak calls Savi and informs her that he cannot visit her home for training from today as his Baba does not want him to be trained by Sai. Savi says its wrong. Vinayak says Baba wants him to train in police academy. Savi is excited and says if she can watch his training. Virat enters. Vinayak informs him that Savi wants to watch his training. Virat tells Savi that the place is far and she will be late. Savi says its fine, she will accompany them.


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