Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Pakhi got angry after hearing Sai’s voice. Just then, Virat comes there and sees the bill from the jewelery shop. Pakhi asks what if she brought something from the shop again? To which he is silent. He asks her again as she is confused while the phone slipped from her hand. He notices the voicemail from Sai and looks at Pakhi. He takes her phone and plays a voice memo. When he hears Sai’s words, he is shocked and also finds out about the ring Pakhi returned to Sai which Sai sold to a jeweller.

Here Virat slaps Pakhi for trying to help Sai. He berates her for trying to be generous and declares that Sai doesn’t deserve it. Trying to prove her point, Pakhi claims that she simply wanted to return Sai’s favor by helping their son. Virat states that the ring was just a piece of jewelery and it’s up to Sai to sell it or not. He asked Pakhi to keep Sai away from There House.

Virat states that Sai has already cast spells on Vinayaka that he is not ready to accept treatment from anyone else. He asked Pakhi to keep Sai away from family matters as much as possible from there. He states that the latter have nothing to do with them and so they don’t need to show their interest in her, while Pakhi agrees with him and apologizes for her mistake. He assures that he won’t repeat his mistake and leaves after wiping away his tears.

Elsewhere, Bhavani asks Sonali to go to Sai’s House for Vinayak’s treatment, but the latter denies it. He states that he does not want to see her face while Bhavani also states that she will not be able to go as she is busy with political issues. She Then Asks Ashwini To Drop Vinayak To Sai’s House But The Later Dies. He declares that he does not want to meet her, just as he never wants Vinayak to treat her.

Bhavani somehow convinces Ashwini to go to Sai’s House along with Vinayak while Harini talks to her friend about a modeling contract. He tells her about the photographer and his accusations while she assures that he will get the money on time. She asks Bhavani for money while the latter scolds her for wasting her life. Harini ignores Bhavani’s words and leaves from there.

Sai is still thinking about the money problem and how Jagtap and Pakhi are trying to pity her. She couldn’t sleep while Pakhi and Virat also kept turning on the bed. They look at each other and the other asks Pakhi that if she is okay? She reassures him and then talks about her suspicions. She states that the thing he did to her at the jewelry store bothers her. She asks why he tried to show off in front of If Sai about their wedding anniversary.

Virat accepts his mistake and says that he wants to repay Pakhi for everything she has done to him and his family. He says he owes her while she gets emotional thinking that she’s waiting for the day she realizes she’s not showing him any favors but has feelings for him. He states that he is waiting for her to realize her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Ashwini throws Vinayak in Sai’s House and speaks Rudely to Savi. Sai confronts the others and declares that she has been changed.

Further, Sai feels hurt when Ashwini scolds her and then leaves from there. While Sai starts treatment with Vinayak. She ask him to kick the ball and he does it successfully. At that time Virat comes there and is surprised to see the script. He becomes emotional and hugs Vinayaka. She also excitedly holds Sai’s hand, but soon realizes her mistake and lets her go. While Sai appreciates Vinayak for his progress.


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