Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Vinayak writhes in leg pain and asks Virat to give him some herbal paste from his bag. Pakhi goes to bring herbal paste. A photo of Sai and Savi is just flying away from Vinayak’s bag. Pakhi selects the herbal paste and returns to Vinayak. Vinayak reveals that Savi’s mother, who is a doctor, treated him in the camp and gave him this herbal paste and how Savi protected him from the Rogue Boys. Pakhi gets worried and asks why he and Virat didn’t inform her about this. Vinayak says Virat warned the boy and assured him not to trouble him again. Pakhi gets angry with Virat for hiding his son’s problems.

Jagtap meets Savi. Savi asks him to get inside the house. Jagtap says Savi will punish him if he does this. Savi says Sai went to her clinic. Jagtap pampers her and offers her a toy gun and glasses as a ganesh chathurti gift and asks her to order as a police officer. She does and thanks him calls mom/uncle. He asks her to call him Jax and not mom. She says she will punish the goons with this gun who tried to kidnap her. Jagtap asks who dared to try to kidnap her, he will not be spared. He asks her to come back to the house now. She walks in and calls him mom again. He leaves to rage.

Virat goes to Pakhi and asks her to take medicine and take care of herself as she is always busy taking care of her family and family business. Pakhi confronts Virat for not informing her about her son’s problems and says that even her son is hiding things that follow him. Virat says her son will open up with her soon. He offers her a cure. She consumes it and asks if they should let Vina use the herbal pate given by the camp doctor. Virat says that Vinu felt pain relief and that’s why they should let him use it. Pakhi says he likes to talk about Savi. Virat remembers Savi and says he met her, she is a sweet girl. Pakhi Get says he must like Savi like him and Savi wanted to name his baby girl as Savi. Virat asks if she still remembers it. Pakhi says that even he has not forgotten anything related to Sai. Virat was wiping his tears from the leaves.

During breakfast, Pakhi questions Mohit about his new client and instructs him not to compromise on price as their products are of the highest quality. Omkar suggests to compromise on price and not lose the client to your competitors. Pakhi rejects his proposal. As usual, Bhavani supports Pakhi and asks Omkar not to interfere in the business now. Omkar sits angrily. Savi plays with the gun with the neighbor, the ladies who came to class. Sai returns home. The MLA barges into Sai’s House and threatens to drop his idea of ​​building a hospital as he wants to build a resort on the land. He offers her a life of luxury in exchange for her land. Sai warns him that how dare he try to bribe her, she is a policeman’s daughter and a policeman…. Who isn’t afraid of goons like him. She breaks his resort plan and orders him to leave. He leaves to rage.

Introduction: Bhavani says Vinayak is talking a lot about some Savi, maybe he needs a sibling which only Virat and Sai can provide. Savi Video Calls Vinayak. Vinayak is happy to see her. Savi asks Sai who she is talking to. Vinayak hears her voice and says doctor aunty. Virat and Pakhi hear this.


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