Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Virat tells Vinayak that he got a surprise for him and shows him the tickets to London. Vinayak asks why London tickets. Virat says they will like it there and travel a lot and even found him a doctor there. Pakhi offers him a modak and asks if he likes his favorite modaks. Vinayak refuses to eat and remembers Savi serving him sai’s prepared modak. Pakhi says he shouldn’t deny Bappa’s Prasad and offers one to Virat too. She looks at Virat to see his excitement to visit London. Virat asks what he is thinking. Pakhi says she is praying to God to fulfill her wish. Virat says that he is even praying that God fulfills her wish.

Ashwini notices Pakhi pampering Virat and tells Ninad that they are lucky to have Pakhi as their Bahu/DIL. He goes on to praise Pakhi and says it is good that Virat and Pakhi are taking Vinayak to London for treatment. Nindad says even now he supports calling Sai for Vinayak’s treatment as a known person is better than any unknown person or places. Ashwini Curses Sai and Says Her Reentry In Their Lives with separate Virat and Pakhi and Ruin their Family‚Äôs Peace. Sai gets out of the cab and enters the hospital. Ninad Suggests Her To Keep Ego Aside And Think About Vinayak. Ashwini continues to curse Sai and says that she made the biggest mistake of her life by considering Sai as her daughter-in-law and she will never forgive Sai for making Virat’s life hell and she doesn’t want Sai to come back in their lives. Ninad says even then. Ashwini begs him to stop taking Sai’s name in front of her again. Sai just passes by and stops seeing them.

At Chavan Nivas, Mohit talks to the client and promises that Pakhi will attend the meeting. Omkar says the clients won’t trust the new vendor, so Bhavani should let him handle the business. Bhavani supports Pakhi as usual and rejects his request. Omkar says that business is not a woman’s cup of tea when women go to take care of family, children and their house all day long. Harini Hears Him A Tongue Lashes Him For Degrading Women. Sonali says that Omkar respects women a lot, he never disobeys Bhavani’s orders; All women in this house are respected and all work in their own way. Harini asks if he thinks that respecting only one elderly woman and demeaning the remaining woman is progressive thinking, then he is wrong; Women can not only carry children and take care of the house, but also manage business better; She is sure that Pakhi Is A Better Businesswoman. Shivani says it is good to hear Pakhi’s praise from her mouth. Harini says she follows Sai and is sure Sai would also support her thinking. Bhavani shouts not to take Sai’s name in their house. Harini says they are too stubborn and don’t want to accept the fact that only Sai can cure Vinayak as he is the best doctor.

Sai Gets Emotional Seeing Ashwini and Ninad And Recalls Her Bonding With Ashwini. She touches Ninad’s feet and calls him Baba and Ashwini calls her Aayi/mother. Ashwini Stops Her And Warns To Dare Not Call Her Aayi. Sai asks if they are happy to see her alive. Ashwini says they got the message long back and they are not happy with it. Sai says she couldn’t imagine that life would make her see them again. Ashwini shouts again not to call her Aayi. Sai says she is extremely happy to see them. Ashwini Shouts She Left The Suffer Even After They Pleaded Her To Stay Back, She Is Sure Sai Is Happy Thinking Of Ruining Their Lives Again. She says it’s good, her mother died after giving birth or else she would be ashamed of herself for giving birth to such a bad girl. Sai Says She Came Here For Vinayak.

Virat goes outside and asks who is shouting here and gets angry seeing Sai. She screams who called her here. Pakhi enters and says Sai called here. Ashwini asks why she lied about going to another village and went to Kankavli instead. Virat shouts why did Sai call as they are taking Vinayak to London. Pakhi says only Sai can cure Vinayak as Vinayak is going through a mental block. She describes how she met Sai and convinced her to treat Vinayak. She goes into a flashback where she tells Sai that Virat has completely broken down after she left him and waited for him to die, she should treat Vinayak at least for Virat’s sake. Out Of Flashback, She Tells Virat That Sai Didn’t Want To Come Of Virat’s Arrogance And Adamancy, But She Somehow Changed Her Mind And Came Here; She Is Very Happy That Sai Will Cure Vinayak For Sure.

Precap: Virat takes Pakhi to a jewelry store. Sai comes there to sell his ring. Virat See Her Gifts Cargo Pakhi Necklace. Sai Leaves Her Ring Saying Its Of No Value Now. Pakhi picks it up.


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