Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Ashwini asks Virat what he was looking for from God. Virat says he prayed to God that Vinayak recovers soon and participates in the running event. Ashwini asks what he asked for himself. She says that the child’s happiness is important to the parents, just as his happiness is important to her and Ninad. Ashwini says their dreams were fulfilled after he was born and he is everything to them so they want his happiness. Virat says he doesn’t need anything for himself. Sai on the other side Say the same to Usha Tai. Usha Tai says that even she needs love in life. Ashwini cries and says she prayed to God to make his past disappear from his life completely. Virat says he is coming late to life. Ashwini says she is pushing herself into a depression, Sai is gone years ago and married Pakhi years ago, so he should forget Sai and accept Pakhi.

Sai tells Ush that Virat is completely out of her life and she doesn’t want to discuss it. Virat says the same to Ashwini. Ashwini says there should be no place for Sai in his heart after Sai took Vinayak from them, for that he hates Sai to the core. Virat says that if Sai stopped her from leaving home, she wouldn’t have left them. Usha asks Sai to open her eyes and look at her daughter who is eagerly waiting for her father. Sai says if Virat wasn’t so ruthless, Vinayak would be alive today. Ashwini tells Virat that Pakhis is in deep pain due to his superficial behavior. Virat says he knows that he is thankful to Pakhi for taking care of the family even after all. Sai says God gave her Savi and she has no place in her heart for Virat.

Ashwini says that once she loved Sai immensely and hated Pakhi, but now she is thankful to Pakhhi for giving birth to Vinayaka and taking care of her husband. Virat says he was shattered after he noted Sai’s name in the list of dead people and blamed himself for the accident when Sai left home for him that day. Sai says that Virat should have searched for her, he wants to reveal to Savi that everything is Virat’s fault. Savi hears this and asks who Virat is. Ashwini says they lost Vinayak to Sai. Vinayak hears this and asks who Sai is. Virat picks him up and says they want happiness in his life. Vinayak says he is happy. Pakhi joins them. Ninad clicks on a picture of their family.

Savi repeatedly asks who Virat is. Usha says they discussed the meaning of the Shloka and how great Ganpati Bappa is. Back in the room, Ninad tells Ashwini that he feels happy to see Virat back to normal with his family and feels his childhood is back when he sees his grandson Vinayaka. He says that God took away their Vinayak and gave them another Vinayak. Ashwini cries that she considered Sai as her daughter but she didn’t know that she will take such a big step and they will lose Vinayak because of her. Ninad asks her to calm down as Sai is gone. Ashwini continues to express her hatred towards Sai.

Vinayak feels immense pain in his legs. Virat and Pakhi try to ease his pain with medicine. Vinayak says he doesn’t need medicine and asks Virat to apply herbal paste from his bag. Pakhi goes to get her bag and is shocked to see Sai and Savi’s photo.

Introduction: Vinayak tells Virat that Doctor Aunty and Savi are too good. MLA threatens Sai. Vinayak accepts Savi’s call and feels excited.


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