Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Ashwini reminds Pakhi that when Virat gifted her the necklace, Pakhi said he was just showing off. He asks if Pakhi is pretending and instead she really loves Virat, should she express it. Virat tells Vinayak that Savi can’t adopt him Savi tells Sai that when Virat saved her during Ramleela and hugged her, she decided that Virat will be her Baba. Sai Says Just Like Savi Doesn’t Have A Baba/Father, Even She Didn’t Have Aayi/Mother, Her Baba Buy It Up Since Childhood And Hence Was Both Her Aayi And Baba And Shed To Call Him Aaba. She feels sad that she could not become her Aaba. Savi says that Luv and Kush were happy with their Aays even when they were looking for their Baba, so she does the same. Vinayak asks Virat why Savi can’t adopt him. Virat says he can only be Vinayaka’s Baba and no one else’s. Vinayak asks why he can’t, Virat adopted Vinayak when he didn’t have children and similarly Savi adopts Virat and makes him her grandmother. Virat says he has a family but Savi doesn’t and Sai is not happy with all this and doesn’t want to agree.

Jagtap nervously practices the apology Sorry. Sai and Usha follow him. Sai goes to him and asks what he is doing here. Jagtap nervously says he lost something and is looking for it. Sai asks what he really wants to say. He says should he apologize today or discuss what happened. Sai says she heard him and asks him to be specific. Jagtap says he can’t see Savi and her in pain and wants them to be happy. She says she talked to him by mistake and Savi’s Plea And Felt Painful. Sai asks if he came to talk about this at night. Jagtap says he expressed his heart years ago but today he came to share her sorrows as a friend. She is smiling. She says that she has changed and is not her old self where she used to express her thoughts openly and was very strong. Sai quietly listens to him and asks if he would like some tea. He agrees and enters. Vithal notices this.

Virat is awake and reads Savi’s letters for him. He recalls Savi saying she is Virat’s daughter from there. Pakhi recalls, Vinayak tells Harini that if Savi becomes his sister, Sai would be his Choti Mamma. She turns and notices Virat looking at the letters. Virat says he didn’t know Savi will do this, he is sorry. Pakhi asks why she is apologizing as Savi is a child and her thinking is obvious. Virat asks if she thinks Savi is wrong. Pakhi says she didn’t mean it like that. He asks if he would accept Savi’s request then. Virat says no as he already has a wife and a son and tries to explain to Savi. Pakhi says Savi is not ready to listen and it would have a negative impact on her, so why doesn’t Virat find out who Savi’s father is.

Usha tells Sai that she didn’t react when Jagtap tried to explain to her with his nervous babble. Sai Says She Has Decided To Reveal Savi Who Her Baba Is After Vinayak Wins A Running Race. The next morning, a heavily drunk Vithal visits the Chavans.


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