Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Savi continues to ask to accept the police uncle/Viraj as her father. Sai gets out of the car and asks Ush to take Savi home. Virat tells Bhavani that there is no need to talk about this issue as Savi is a child and he will explain it to her. Omkar and Sonali say that Savi is very intelligent and evil like her mother and she acted on her mother’s orders. Bhavani says they are right, Sai is behind all this and continues to curse Sai and Savi. He says that Pakhi brought this on herself by inviting Sai to Nagpur and if Pakhi and Virat continue to sleep in separate beds, soon Savi, Sai and adopted papa Vanraj will stay in Chavan Nivas and make their lives hell; She is sure that Sai is explaining her next plan to Savi. Virat says he is sure it is not Sai’s plan as Savi is reacting situationally after knowing about Vinayak’s adoption.

Sai sits at the bus stop and cries, recalling Savi’s plea. Jagtap calls her. She thinks it is Usha and vents her heart that she will return home and not die at the bus stop, she is helpless to see Savi’s plea for her father and cannot reveal that Virat himself is Savi’s father etc. Jagtap says his. Sai scolds him for quietly listening to her without revealing his identity and hangs up. He thinks of calling Virat and apologizing to him, but then realizes that the Chavan Family drama will send him a message. Virat gets the message and asks Pakhi to read it in front of everyone. Pakhi reads that Sai really didn’t know what Savi meant or she wouldn’t have allowed it and apologizes to him. Virat tells the family that Sai really didn’t know about Savi’s plan. Bhavani says Sai is just playing.

Savi talks to Vinayak on the phone and asks him to convince Virat to be her father. Virat agrees and says that Baba will not reject his request. He asks her to properly call her Dada/elder brother. She calls him Dada. He hangs up and asks Harini to move to another room as Savi will stay here as she asked Virat to be her adopted father during the event. Harini says its better to ignore him. Vinayak asks if Savi becomes his sister, should Sai be called Choti Maa? Harini warns him never to talk about it or there will be a disaster at home. Pakhi is disheartened to hear their conversation. Sai calls Virat and apologizes to him on Savi’s behalf. Vinayak says he understands Savi’s state of mind and suggests her to reveal Savi’s father’s name. Sai thinks it’s not that simple.

Savi goes to Savi’s room and notices her writing something. Savi says she scolded her so much when she expressed her wish to accept Virat. Sai asks her to forget it. She notices Savi texting Virat Savi Joshi and asks the reason. Savi says they usually adopt the adopted parent’s surname As Vinayak became Vinayak Virat Chavan, similarly Virat becomes Virat Savi Joshi after he adopts him. Sai remembers that Virat took the surname Virat Sai Chavan after marrying Sai and thinks that Savi is like her father. Pakhi is dating Virat. Virat says he spoke to Sai about Savi’s request, people start getting angry and writing stories, that’s why Sai suggested her to reveal Savi’s father’s name, but Sai doesn’t understand at all. Pakhi says that not only Savi but also Virat has accepted these adoption ideas and asks Harini if ​​she can call Sai as Choti Maa after Savi adopts Virat. Virat asks how can Vinu think like this, he explains to Vinu that he has only one mom and that is Pakhi and his wish cannot be fulfilled, he is only Vinu’s father and cannot be anyone else’s father. Pakhi hopes that he is right and Savi will soon learn about her father.

Ashwini discusses with Ninad that she doesn’t know why Sai is revealing the identity of Savi’s father, there is something he is hiding. Ninad asks why everyone is turning Savia’s innocence into propaganda and creating fabricated stories. Ashwini says she knows Sai well who wouldn’t hide anything and is afraid that something bad has happened to Sai. Ninad says maybe Savi is also accepted as Vinayak and Sai lies that Savi is her biological daughter. Ashwini says it can’t be. Ninad goes out. Pakhi enters. Ashwini asks if Vinayaka’s mother or Virat’s wife came. Virat’s mother says Pakhi. Ashwini says she wanted to hear this and says that Pakhi, Vinayak and Virat are a complete family and there is no room for anyone else, only Virat and Pakhi’s biological child can come in between them now. She says if she really loves Virat when will she express it to Virat not for the world but for herself.


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