Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Savi acts as an inspector in the skit and introduces herself as Inspector Savi Joshi. Vinayak says he looks like Virat. Savi is happy to hear this. Bhavani And Her Team Gets Jealous Hearing That And Says Savi Purposefully Got Her Dressed Like Virat To Gain Media Attention Via Virat. Vinayak asks Bhavani to save her seat for Savi and let her sit with him and Virat. Virat asks Bhavani to accept the child’s request. Bhavani leaves her place frowning. The host of the event invites the superior of the police department to the stage and announces that because of the brave act of the DCP and his family, the police department could arrest the child who kidnapped the thief and save 18 children. He calls out Virat, Vinayak, Sai and Savi on stage for risking their lives and getting the kidnappers caught. Walks On Stage. The chief guest awards them a medal.

Savi says she wants to speak a few words. Bhavani comments that Savi is also an attention seeker like her mother. Savi tells Virat that she dressed like him because she wants to become a police officer like him. She says that just like Virat and Pakhi adopted Vinayak and made them their son, she wants Virat to accept her as his daughter and become her father. Chavans Fume Hearing That. Virat is emotional and looks at Sai. Savi says that just like Virat submitted many documents and accepted Vinayak, she wants to accept Virat as her father. She takes out different colored papers from her bag and tells Virat that he can take whatever he wants and become her father. Virat looks at Sai. Sai asks Savi to stop as it is impossible.

Savi asks why this is not possible and reads her note where she describes how her father will take care of her and proudly calls her his daughter. Bhavani blames Pakhi for causing this situation by bringing Sai back into their lives. Savi continues reading her note and asks Virat to be her grandmother/father. Guests and media ask Virat to accept Savi’s request. Virat looks at Sai again. Sai says Savi didn’t mean what she said, picks Savi and walks away, while Savi says she means what she said. Reporters ask Pakhi about her reaction to Savi’s request.

Sai leaves the event with Savi and Usha and tries to stop the auto rickshaw. Savi insists on taking her back to the event. Sai confronts Savi for her act and asks how she got that question in her mind. Savi asks why Virat can’t be her father and Vinayak her brother, she has been waiting for her father for many years etc. Sai asks if she is a bad mother and if she never took good care of her. She breaks down and says that people will think she is a bad mother and that is why Savi is looking for a father. Usha asks her to calm down. Sai gets Savi and Usha in the car and asks them to go home. They ask where he is going.


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