Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Sai Walks To MLA Gulab Rao And Confronts Him For Trying To Kidnap Her Daughter Savi. The MLA says he has already warned her to protect herself and her daughter. Sai warns him not to dare not look at her and her daughter, he doesn’t know that she is a policeman’s daughter and a policeman’s daughter… And he would regret his mistake. The MLA says he never asked her about her husband and asks if she has a husband or a child anyway. Holding his collar angrily, Sai warns him not to dare to talk about her husband and interfere in her life again and leaves. The MLA orders his aides to find out about Sai’s husband.

Vinayak waits with Virat to meet Savi and her mother before leaving the camp. The director says they are on their way. Virat says he even wants to meet Savi’s mother and thank her for treating Vinayak. Sai rides his bike towards the camp. Savi asks her to hurry or else Vinayak and his father will leave. She says she wants a brave cop father like Vinayak’s father. Sai’s cycle is unleashed. Sai stops to fix it. Virat gets a call from the DIG to report for duty soon and gives him the responsibility of Ganesh Chaturtti festival security. Virat Sheets With Vinayak. Sai’s bike passes just behind the car. Savi cries and does not find Vinayak in the camp. Vinayak feels sad that he did not meet Savi and Sai before leaving the camp. Principal gives Vinayak a letter to Savi thanking you doctor Aunty Savi with his phone number. Sai Says Savi Can Call Vinayak Now And Cheers Her Up.

Chavan Nivas is decorated for Ganesh Chaturti Festival. Omkar teaches Mohit how to check business documents. Mohit asks him not to worry as he will be running the business with Pakhi Vahini/SIL and suggests him to retire and relax. Ninad joins them and asks Mohit to take care of their family business while he serves Omkar. Sonali joins them. He spots Karishma leaving the house and asks where she is going if she gave Mohit breakfast. Karishma says she is going out for an important work, Mohit can have breakfast alone. Sonali stands frowning as Karishma leaves home. She Tries To Feed Oily Snacks To Mohit. Mohit says he will have keto food in office and leaves. Omkar tries to choose the snacks. Sonali stops him. Ninad suggests her to feed fruits, green vegetables and Dalia to Omkar. Sonali says nobody listens in this house.

The servant asks Sonali where to fix the flowers. Sonali asks him to ask Malkin / the owner of the house.
Servant Questions Shivani Next Who Says She Is Here Just 2 Days Back and Stays in London with Herman, So He Should Ask the Owner. He asks Bhavani who gives the same answer. Pakhi is busy guiding the servants in decorating the house. The servant calls her Malkin and asks where to fix the flowers. She leads Him. Bhavani praises her and says that she has taken the responsibility of the house so well from her. Ashwini Joins Her And Reveals That Pakhi Is Married To Virat Now And Asks If She Is Waiting For Her Husband. Pakhi Says She Is Waiting For Her Son Vinayak. Shivani challenges her that her son will not come soon. Pakhi asks her to count to 10 and open the door with Pooja Thali and modaks. Vinayak enters with Virat.

Pakhi emotionally hugs Vinayak and performs his Aarti. Bhavani and others welcome him back home. Pakhi notices Vinayak saying something to Virat and asks what the Father-Son Duo is discussing. Virat says Vinayak has grown up and doesn’t like being called Vinu. Pakhi says she is seeing her son after 4 days, she was missing his mother, she was feeding him Modak. Vinayak thinks Doctor Aunty’s Modak was tastier. Virat says he has to rejoin the duty and look after the festival arrangements in the city.

Prequel: Virat With Vinayak Brings Ganeshji’s Idol Home.
Jagtap brings Savi to the God’s idol in Sai’s house. Pakhi notices the photo of Sai and Savi with the Idol.


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