Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Sai comforts a crying Savi and falls asleep. She Notices Savi Having Fever And Cries Feeling Sorry For Savi. She applies cold compresses to Savi’s forehead. Sai Murmurs Vinayak and Virat’s Names in Sleep. Vinayak misses Savi and calls her, sad when she doesn’t pick it. He walks into the living room. Ninad Says She Will Feed Dinner To Vinayak Today. Vinayak leaves quietly. Bhavani says he looks lost as he came back from Kankauli. Vinayak goes to Harini’s room and asks her to print his photo. She asks him to connect his mobile to her laptop. He thanks her and prints Sai, Savi and his photo while Harini is lost in this card as usual. He wonders when he will meet Savi and Sai again. Virat warns Pakhi not to take Sai’s name again.

Vinayak Frames The Photo. Sonali calls him for dinner. Vinayak says he is making photo frame of Savi and doctor aunty. Harini goes outside to get water. Bhavani asks her to have dinner with the family. Harini refuses. Virat asks her to have dinner with him once like in the past. She agrees. Vinayak fixes the photo frame with family photo frames and joins the family for dinner. Harini notices the photo and says her photo to Sai Mami/Autos. Bhavani shouts what is nonsense. Harini asks her to look at the photo first. The whole family watches the photo and stands in shock. Bhavani questions Vinayak who says she is his doctor Sai. Virat and Pakhi look at each other’s face. Vinayak asks Harini why she called doctor aunt as Sai Mami, does she know her? Virat says Harini is wrong and sends Vinayaka to his room.

Virat thinks that Sai will not leave him alone. Ashwini asks Virat if Sai is alive. Virat says yes. Bhavani asks if he met Vinayaka. Virat says no. As usual, Bhavani accuses Sai that the woman who stole her grandson is alive but not her grandson. Omkar asks Mohit why he didn’t inform about Sai being alive. The Chavans continue to blame Sai. Ashwini asks Virat if Savi is Sai’s daughter. Virat says yes. Ashwini asks who is Savi’s father. Virat says he didn’t feel important to know. Ashwini curses Sai for considering Sai as her daughter, but Sai has not shown and never revealed that she is alive; She hates her, etc., and breaks the photo frame.

Sai sees Jagtap at her home and angrily asks why he came there. Usha says she called Jagtap as Savi was mumbling his name in his sleep. Jagtap cheers up Savi and takes her out. Sai shouts where is he taking her. Usha asks her not to worry and let him marry Savi. Pakhi consoles Ashwini and tells her that Sai is Vinayak and Virat’s doctor. Bhavani and the whole family curse Sai for becoming a doctor and living on their favor and not human, etc. Virat says Sai is dead to them and no one will take her name from here. Ashwini and Bhavani continue to curse Sai to their core.

Pre-Chapter: Sai Gifts A Rose To Savi And Say I Love You.
Savi Gifts Same Rose Vinayaka. Vinayak Gifts That Rose To Virat And Ass Him To Gift It To Pakhi For Her Birthday.

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