Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Ashwini continues cursing Sai and says that Sai didn’t even bother to inform them that she is alive, leaving them and Virat In Pain, She Will Never Forgive Sai. She Feels Worried For Pakhi And Rushes To Her Room. Sonali says all this happened because of Vinayak’s Camp. Bhavani says she is right, she won’t let Sai back in Virat’s life because of Pakhi and deletes Savi’s number from Vinayaka’s mobile. Jagtap takes Savi to a tree and shows her message on the tree “When will her father come” with the reply “Very soon”. Savi gets happy seeing this. Jagtap says he has one more surprise for her. Sai is worried about Savi. Usha asks her not to worry about Savi as she loves Savi. Savi returns in police uniform. Usha interacts with Savi. Savi Says She Is Inspector Savi Joshi Now. Usha takes her inside.

Ashwini enters Pakhi’s Room and gives her bangles, Bindi and Kumkum as a birthday present. Pakhi says these are Suhagan’s gifts, it’s weird as a birthday gift. Ashwini says it can be donated anytime. He notices that Pakhi’s Mangalsutra is missing and panics. Pakhi says she removed it to change her dress and forgot to put it back. Ashwini Makes Her Wear It And Says She Feels Happy When Pakhi Wears It For Virat. He reminds her about his honeymoon plan. Sai Gets Angry On Jagtap And Shouts How Dare He Is To Enter Her House. Jagtap says he can repeatedly cross the line for Savi as he can’t see Savi in ​​pain. He says that Savi is managing to meet his father and has written “When will Baba come” on every tree of the jungle. He asks why she didn’t inform Savi about Virat and why she can’t see her daughter’s pain. Sai says he knows how to raise his daughter and warns him not to interfere.

Ashwini asks Pakhi not to bother about Sai as Virat has moved on and accepted Pakhi as his wife, he will never allow Sai to come back to this house. Pakhi asks her not to worry as she is not stressed at all. Jagtap tells Sai that he is not an expert but he knows the pain of not getting what they want and that is why he replied to Savi’s message about the trees that her father will come soon. Sai gets more angry with him. Jagtap says he can’t see Savi crying and can go to anyone to keep her happy. He returns to his car. His aide asks if he really helped Savi as his love for Sai is easily shown. Tears roll from Jagtap’s eyes. The aide gives him glasses to cover his eyes.

Vinayak picks his mobile to call Savi. Bhavani snatches his phone and says that she will wipe Savi’s phone and won’t let him talk to Savi. Vinayak takes back the phone and refuses to let her delete it. Bhavani grabs the phone again and leaves calling Pakhi. The whole family gathers. Pakhi asks what is happening. Vinayak asks Pakhi not to give his phone password. Bhavani insists Pakhi to open the phone as she wants to end the drama once and for all. Vinayak falls down the stairs and tries to rush to them and gets injured. Virat, Pakhi Ashwini and Mohit rush him to the hospital. Sonali Yells That Sai and Savi’s Inauspiocusness Affects Their Family Again. Vinayak asks Virat to call aunty’s doctor as herbal paste relieves his pain. The doctor checks Vinayaka and says that his knees are very weak and as he wishes, his doctor aunt should treat him.

Bhavani reaches the hospital and curses Sai that her name has once again brought inauspiciousness to their family. Virat says Bhavani’s Adamancy Injured Vinayak, asks why she couldn’t inform him or Pakhi about her intentions. Bhavani continues cursing Sai and says she didn’t want Sai or her daughter’s name to be accepted in her house, she asks if Virat wants them in their house. Virat says he has already clarified that Sai’s name should not be taken in their house, he doesn’t want Bhavani to trouble Vinayak again.

Precap: Virat takes Pakhi to a jewelry shop. Sai comes to sell her ring to her. Virat See Her Gifts Cargo Pakhi Necklace. Sai Leaves Her Ring Saying Its Of No Value Now. Pakhi picks it up.


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