Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Savi and Vinayak perform as Luv And Kush, Sai as Seeta and Virat as Ram at the Ram Leela event. Kush asks Seeta to describe about her how her father. Seeta says that his father was a brave and pious man who always follows the path of truth. It stands emotionally. Virat Signals Her To Deliver Her Dialogues Again. The host starts with another chapter where Luv and Kush meet their father Ram. Bhavani tells Ninad that Vinu is behaving so well.

Ninad says Savi is also behaving well. Luv And Kush Stop Ram’s Ashwa/Horse. Laxman reaches there with his army and asks if they know what mistake they have made just now, calls for war. Luv And Kush Accept his challenge and defeat Laxman and his army. Everyone praises Savi’s acting. Bhavani gets more jealous. The MLA thanks Bhavani for letting the Ram Leela stand.

Ram Arrives and tells Luv and Kush that they made a mistake by defeating his army and capturing his horses, he needs to punish them but he doesn’t want to do it. Luv And Kush Ask Who He Is. Laxman says he is Maryada Purshottam Ram. Teacher Luv And Kush enters and asks why they stopped Ashwa. Kush says he taught them to always accept challenges and that’s why they followed his teachings. Luv asks Ram why he let his wife listen to his people. Ram says Raja Dharma is above all. Seeta goes to her children. They call her Maata.

Ram is shocked to hear this and asks who their father is. Guru reveals that Luv and Kush are Ram’s children and with great difficulty they describe how Seeta spent her time in the jungle away from Ram. Luv and Kush apologize to the ram and touch his feet. Ram hugs them emotionally and they all break down emotionally. The skit ends. Everyone is praising that Jodi Virat and Sai really look like Jodi Ram and Seety and pray that they will always be together. Pakhi and her team frowned upon hearing this. Vinayak apologizes to Virat for his mistake. Savi calls Virat as dad. Virat is also more emotional.

At home, Savi tells Sai that during her performance, she felt that Virat is her real father and Vinayak is her brother. She describes how Vinayak protected her from the kidnappers and says she will call Vina Dada From Hereon. In Chavan Nivas, Vinayak tells his family how Savi protected him and considers her as his younger sister. Bhavani asks what did Savi do that she praises Savi so much, she is the one who took him to Ram Leela Maidan and got him in trouble. Vinayak says that if Savi hadn’t taken him there, he wouldn’t have realized how much his parents love him. He further says that from here he will call Savi as his sister and will do whatever a brother does for his sister.

Shivani suggests him to call her as baby Sis and change it in his mobile. Vinayak goes to his room to do it. Ashiwini tells Virat and Pakhi that Vinayak is at the stage of life where he misses a sibling the most, so they should think about the baby before an outsider comes in and causes trouble in their lives. Bhavani, Ninad and Omkar support her. Vinayak returns and shows Virat that he has changed Savi’s name in his mobile as a little sister. Vinayak says it is good.

Savi Goes To Sai At Night Crying. Sai asks if anyone told her anything. Savi says she is too bad for not informing her that Virat is her father. She Hugs Virat Tightly And Says She Will Stay With Her Papa And Not Sai. Sai begs him not to. Savi wakes up and realizes that it was her nightmare. Usha rushes to her and asks what happened. Sai describes her nightmare and says she doesn’t know what to do, separating her daughter from her father and not informing Virat that Savi is his daughter because she doesn’t want to destroy Virat, Vinayak and the happy Pakhi family.


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